Northwestern three-digit heat wave coming this weekend

Just a month after a record-breaking heat wave hit the northwest, another heat wave will occur in the next few days.

In late June, over 110 record-breaking records hit several cities, large and small. Daily records were tied or broken for about a week in a row.

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This next heat wave will not be very widespread and will not last long, but truck drivers still need to be careful and do their best to stay cool.

The National Weather Service has issued heat recommendations and excessive heat warnings to eastern Washington and northern Idaho, and parts of western Oregon and northern California.

The high temperatures from Thursday to Saturday range from the mid-90s to 110 degrees Celsius, and in some places are 10 to 20 degrees higher than usual. Locations such as Yakima’s Spokane and Walla Walla, Washington may set new daily records. Corderlane, Idaho; Pendleton, Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford, Oregon. The same is true for Mount Shasta, California.

Extreme heat affects drivers on major routes such as Interstate 5, 82, 84, and 90, in addition to US National Highways 2 and 101.

Unfortunately, the heat can spread to some wildfire areas, making it more difficult for the crew to contain the fire. In addition to already dangerous situations, dry thunderstorms occur in several places. These storms produce lightning that can cause new fires, but not enough rain to help extinguish them.

To stay cool, drivers need to drink plenty of water while on the road and store extra bottled water in the cab. Covering the driver’s seat with a light-colored blanket when not in the truck is as helpful as driving at night as much as possible.

Other notable weather

Thunderstorms can cause tornadoes, hail, and strong straight winds on Thursday and Thursday nights in parts of the Ohio Valley and on the Mid-Atlantic coast. This risk includes Des Moines, Iowa. Peoria, Illinois; Indianapolis; Columbus, Ohio; Charleston, West Virginia; Pittsburgh, Allentown, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Baltimore; Washington; New York City; Delmarva Peninsula; and everything in New Jersey.

Drivers need to make sure that the mobile weather app is set to “location”, “GPS”, or “follow” mode to ensure they receive harsh local weather alerts wherever they are. ..

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