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North American Honda HR-V, Toyota Tundra Capstone, Tokyo Auto Salon: Weekly Briefs

good morning. Welcome to the weekly digest of car news from around the world.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 kickoff

The Tokyo Auto Salon will be revived as a physical event in 2022, and the Japanese automobile industry will shine. Check out the TAS2022 Hub for all the latest news, including car revival, concepts and tuned show cars!

2023 Honda HR-V escapes design studio as the first sketch of a North American SUV

Honda’s popular HR-V will appear in the North American market, but I was able to confirm how different it looks from the international version released last year. Honda’s sketches show an oval grille, sweepback headlights, a traditional rear door handle, and a two-tone bumper. Specifications are undecided, but Civic’s 2.0-liter 4-pot engine is expected to appear.

2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone debuts as a luxury pickup aimed at GMC Sierra Denali

Targeting luxury pickup products such as the GMC Denali, the all-new Tundra Capstone features several options to achieve a class above the platinum and 1794 trim levels that dominated the roost. These include chrome mirror caps, 22-inch chrome wheels, power running boards, power bed steps, heated and ventilated leather seats, and heated steering wheels. There’s also a panoramic moonroof, a capstone logo illuminated on the dashboard, a JBL sound system, and acoustic glass.

2022 Jeep Renegade facelift breaks cover in Brazil showing updated design

Brazil will be the first market to get an improved Jeep Renegade. It will be previewed before it is fully released in the coming months. Changes are limited to shorter fascias, reworked grills, new DRLs, modified taillights, and different rear bumpers. Brazil also has a 1.3-liter T270 turboflex engine, which is unlikely to appear in other markets. However, US and European customers can expect to see changes in appearance in the near future.

Toyota is drawing attention with the GR GT3 coupe concept, which is not based on the Supra

Toyota’s new GR GT3 coupe concept is largely different from what has been seen so far, as it is not based primarily on existing mass-produced vehicles. There are no signs that the GR GT3 will be in the hands of racetracks or customers, but it certainly looks like a business.

2023 BMW XM: What a production SUV looks like, powertrain and everything else we know

As the name implies, the shocking XM concept was exactly that: the concept. However, it is a well-known fact that a commercial version will be available soon, and our independent illustrations predict what it will look like. The overall impact is a bit subdued, but you can’t escape the jumbo-sized kidney grille. The overall ratio, however, is surprisingly fun. Expect some serious power under the hood, thanks to Level 3 autonomous driving technology and the V8 and plug-in “M Hybrid Drive” system.

Talk about luck: Women find a 2021 Ford Bronco sitting in many of the dealers and buy at the suggested retail price

Ford’s purchase order for Bronco is pretty full, which means a long waiting list and increased prices for those who want immediate satisfaction. Unless at least Wendy H. was able to find a 2021 car sitting in a dealer lot in Fairbanks, Alaska. The car was ordered by a customer who failed to raise money and got Bronco. Perhaps most surprisingly, the dealer did not slap the expensive markup and let it go to MSRP.

You wouldn’t believe this parkour parking job from China

Parking can be difficult for some of us, especially if you are not used to driving. But you probably don’t want to do it like a Chinese driver did. What can only be described as a shocking display of dangerous driving, a black sedan hits a row of parked cars, installs the first few cars, and somehow lands in an empty slot. I’m sure it wasn’t their intention in the first place, but by chance they got to the parking lot!

What else is making the news

Google wants to bring UK workers back to the office, investing $ 1 billion

Many of us are accustomed to working from home, or at least some kind of hybrid arrangement. But now, Google is pushing back to the office, increasing its capacity in the UK by 50% and spending £ 730m ($ 1 billion) to “revitalize” the work environment. “Everyone wants to come back and see the vibrant workspace again,” said Ronan Harris, Google’s UK boss. BBC.

Novak Djokovic’s visa has been revoked and he remains in custody

Novak Djokovic may be deported after his visa has been canceled twice. This time, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said he had canceled his tennis star visa at the minister’s discretion for public interest reasons. The best tennis player in the world remains in an immigration detention hotel housed earlier this week. North American Honda HR-V, Toyota Tundra Capstone, Tokyo Auto Salon: Weekly Briefs

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