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Norris responds to Hamilton’s Austrian Grand Prix “Great Driver” F1 compliment

Hamilton and Norris vie for second place at the opening stint at the Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring last weekend following a controversial clash with McLaren driver Sergio Perez, with Red Bull driver remaining in gravel and Norris handing a penalty. It was.

At the previous Styrian Grand Prix at the same venue after Norris challenged Hamilton for 15 laps, the young Briton defended more strongly and longer against Valtteri Bottas and Perez, the world champion said on team radio. Driver, Land. ” After passing by.

When the Mercedes driver slowed down, Norris eventually overtook Hamilton. He picked up damage to the left rear brake duct as he crossed the curb, but a penalty was applied at his pit stop.

When asked by how he felt the competition between Mercedes and Red Bull, and his reaction to Hamilton’s radio message, Norris replied: I don’t know what to say.

“It was hard. It wasn’t easy. Similarly, for the entire first stint, I think both Mercks were faster than I was. This wasn’t a surprise. Race.

“But it seemed like it was the first time I really competed with him.”

Norris also explained that Hamilton witnessed a close-up for the first time in his F1 career in this battle. After Norris defeated both Mercedes and Perez to qualify after Verstappen, the McLaren team showed one of the most powerful shows of the recent season.

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL35M, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W12

Photo: Andy Hone / Motorsport image

The form of McLaren’s second Austrian race was even stronger than the Styria Marc round, where Norris started in 3rd place (after the Bottas penalty spun in the FP2 pit lane) and finished in 5th place.

The team took advantage of excellent linear speed and corner exit traction, major updates added to the MCL35M floor, fine-tuned the setup and fine-tuned the strategic approach after the Styria Marc race.

“You can learn how he drives, races, and approaches from Valtteri, such as when he takes risks,” Norris said. “Similarly, thank you for your kind words, but he wasn’t driving perfectly.

“He could still run out of turn 1 or make mistakes on turn 3. When you get there and you have a car that performs well and works well against them, you I realize that I have a chance.

“It’s hard to say that until you actually compete with them, your car is there and you face it in person. Usually it was cool because they are far ahead of me.

“It feels good to play not only Lewis but also Valteri, Max and Sergio. It feels really good to be in the pack and fight for the podium because the pace is so good. did.”

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