Nissan e-4orce: zero slip, zero slide, easy braking

This more powerful e-Power engine may be better suited to the US, especially if Nissan can market the e-4orce as a proprietary safety and performance technology.

Engineers say the e-4orce is particularly well-suited to heavy, sluggish and difficult-to-control vehicles like crossovers. For example, Arya weighs about 2 tons.

This, in addition to the additional cost, is one of the reasons Nissan has yet to introduce the e-4orce in its smaller e-Power vehicles (such as the Kicks compact crossover and Note hatchback) in Japan.

In the US, the e-4orce is listed as available in a 63 kWh battery version of Ariya, with prices before shipping and handling starting at $47,190, and the 87 kWh version at $60,190.

And that’s only if shoppers can get it — Nissan Stopped taking orders Deliveries of the front-wheel-drive Ariya to the United States last May began in December. By the end of 2022, Nissan had delivered only 201 of his flagship EVs.

The company began delivering e-4orce-equipped Ariyas to Japanese customers in December. A Nissan spokesperson said the e-4orce variant he expects to reach U.S. customers in early 2023. Nissan e-4orce: zero slip, zero slide, easy braking

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