NIO’s first Denmark-based power swap station starts operation

Shanghai (Gasgou)- On March 6, NIO saw its first Denmark-based battery swap station go live in Slagelse. Slagelse is a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup announced through its WeChat account.

Slagelse is in western Zealand, Denmark, about 100 kilometers southwest of Copenhagen. Next to the E20 motorway, the new station will be able to offer convenient charging services to users traveling to and from Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands, with coverage extending to his five European countries.

Photo courtesy of NIO

The centrally located station brings NIO’s power swap stations to a total of 12 across the continent.

In addition, the Chinese EV manufacturer has so far deployed 6 supercharging stations with 18 supercharging piles in Europe.

NIO also noted that European drivers are granted access to over 388,000 chargers through third-party charging contracts.

NIO continues to improve the construction of its electricity network to support strong sales growth. As of 28 February 2023, NIO has 1,331 power swap stations (including 350 stations dedicated to highway services), 1,261 supercharging stations with 6,385 supercharging piles, and 7,558 destination charging piles. According to NIO’s WeChat account, it has deployed 1,114 destination charging stations worldwide.

Among the aforementioned facilities were 11 power swap stations and 6 supercharging stations, with 18 supercharging piles located outside of China. NIO’s first Denmark-based power swap station starts operation

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