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NIO will fully launch monthly flexible battery upgrade service

Shanghai (Gas Goo)- On December 5, China’s EV startup NIO announced that it has launched a new battery upgrade plan across China. This allows users of 70 / 75kWh battery packs to get 100kWh for a monthly fee of 880 yuan ($ 140).

Photo provider: NIO

The monthly flexible battery upgrade service was commissioned in July in cities such as Urumqi, Shenyang, Xining, Lanzhou, Yinchuan and Hohhot. Recent announcements mean that the service will be available in mainland China (excluding Tibet) and the SAR of Macau.

According to NIO, both BaaS and non-BaaS users can enjoy a flexible monthly battery upgrade service with the same payment criteria. For BaaS users, you will have to pay 980 yuan ($ 155) per month for battery rental and 880 yuan per month for battery upgrades.

NIO claimed that users could upgrade their battery packs to 100kWh per year by paying 7,980 yuan ($ 1,250) per year in mid-April.

As an important part of NIO’s “rechargeable, replaceable, upgradeable” energy supply service system, monthly and yearly flexible battery upgrade services provide greater energy capacity for your personalized EV travel. It provides a lower usage cost to the battery.

According to the company, by the second half of 2022, NIO users will be able to “downgrade” the battery pack from 100kWh to 75kWh for truly “flexible battery replacement.” NIO will fully launch monthly flexible battery upgrade service

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