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NIO Introduces Distributed Solar Power Plant at Battery Exchange Station

Shanghai (Gas Goo)- On October 19, NIO entered into a strategic partnership with China’s leading clean energy solution provider, Unisun Energy, to transform its battery exchange station into a decentralized solar power plant, according to a post on Unisun Energy’s WeChat account. ..

Rooftop distributed solar power plant; Photo courtesy of Unisun Energy

Under the agreement, Unisun Energy will build rooftop distributed solar power plants at NIO’s second-generation battery replacement stations nationwide. By the end of 2025, when NIO reaches its goal of having 3,000 battery replacement stations in China, the total PV capacity of the roofs of those stations will reach 300 MW.

At the signing ceremony, NIO’s Senior Vice President of Electricity Management, Shen Fei, said distributed solar power is the flagship of new energy sources and critical to China’s carbon neutrality.

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NIO Power Swap Station 2.0; Photo courtesy of NIO

According to the NIO Power 2025 project, which began in early July, Chinese EV startups are aiming to deploy 4,000 battery replacement stations around the world, 1,000 of which are outside China.

By the end of September 2021, automakers had deployed a total of 517 battery swap stations in China, of which 316 were launched since the first NIO Power Swap Station 2.0 went live in mid-April 2021. ..

As announced, there are about 30 automakers in China, including NIO, BAIC BJEV, SAIC Motor, Geely Auto and GAC Group, which utilize the battery replacement business. With the new collaboration with Unisun Energy, NIO will set itself apart from other companies as it is the first to introduce such a large distributed solar power plant. NIO Introduces Distributed Solar Power Plant at Battery Exchange Station

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