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NIO and Xiaomi EV are rumored to use BYD batteries

Shanghai (Gas Goo)- BYD’s power battery unit, Fudi Battery, is actively expanding its customer base, which is said to have attracted NIO and Xiaomi EV.

BYD Blade Battery; Photo Provider: BYD

Prior to the Spring Festival vacation, NIO and Fudi Battery cites people with direct knowledge, according to local media, to solidify the partnership that NIO will buy BYD’s Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery.

The person also revealed that BYD’s headquarters in the Hirayama district of Shenzhen welcomed some visitors from NIO in late 2021.

Earlier this month, several photos were released on China’s social media platform showing that BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu was visiting NIO’s manufacturing plant in Hefei at the company of NIO Chairman and CEO William Bin Lee. I did. This may be another sign of cooperation between NIO and BYD.

Also, according to the media channel mentioned above, Fudi Battery has a targeted cooperation agreement with Xiaomi EV, the EV unit of the world-famous smartphone maker Xiaomi Group.

The first model of the Xiaomi EV reportedly comes with two configuration options. In particular, the low spec version will be on the 400 voltage platform and will use BYD’s “blade” battery.

After being asked to comment, NIO, Xiaomi and BYD all said there was no official information to disclose yet. NIO and Xiaomi EV are rumored to use BYD batteries

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