NHTSA investigating Tesla Model Y steering wheel fell off

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) may be busy investigating an accident involving Tesla’s Autopilot system, but the safety agency recently launched another investigation into the Model Y. The steering wheel falls off while the owner is driving.

Currently, NHTSA’s preliminary investigation Model Y SUV from model year 2023 onwards. According to official documents, the agency has investigated an estimated 120,089 Model Y SUVs, and he said he was aware of two reports of the steering wheel completely dislodging while driving.

A known issue with the two Model Y’s was that neither had the fixing bolts needed to secure the steering wheel to the steering column. Without the retaining bolt, the steering wheel was held in place by a friction fit between the steering wheel and column. Once enough force was applied to resist the friction fit, the handle was released.

NHTSA also found another similarity between the two Model Ys. Both options underwent final repairs that required the removal and reinstallation of the steering wheel.

NHTSA regulators will use the preliminary investigation to determine whether the Model Y should be recalled.When requested by a government agency Tesla The Model Y recall, in addition to last month’s recall of electric compact SUVs, was due to the EV’s rear seats not being properly secured. Furthermore, model Y is Recalls over 360,000 Tesla Thanks to automakers’ fully automated driving systems.

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Photo: Tesla Model Y

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