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New York State Bans Sales of New ICE Driven Vehicles and Light Trucks by 2035

New York Governor Kathy Hokul signed a bill last Wednesday to set a goal of zero emissions for all new cars and light trucks sold in the state by 2035. -If possible, heavy trucks by 2045.

“”New York We are implementing the most aggressive plans in the United States to reduce climate-affecting greenhouse gas emissions and achieve ambitious goals. Emissions from the transport sector, which is now the number one cause of climate pollution in the state, need to be reduced, “Hokul said in a statement Wednesday. ..

New York CityMeanwhile, about a quarter of 2 million car owners will need to switch to EVs by 2030 to reach their climate goals. Reuters.. To achieve that goal, the city has vowed to install 10,000 curbside charging points by the end of the decade.

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“When this new regulation is adopted, we need to increase the proportion of all new trucks sold in New York. [state] From the 2025 model to a zero-emission vehicle, it will solidify the state as a national leader in action to address climate change while promoting economic opportunities and helping reduce air pollution. ” Says Basil Segos, Commissioner of the Province.

New York Join California By setting goals that are stricter than those of the federal government 50% of all new cars sold on US EVs by 2030.. However, President Biden has repeatedly refused to phase out all gas and diesel vehicles by 2035, despite a request from the Democratic Party in Congress. Therefore, New York decided to go its own way.

“This new law and regulation marks an important milestone in our efforts and is clean while reducing emissions from communities that have been overloaded by pollution from cars and trucks for decades. We will take the transition to more electric vehicles even further, “says Hochul. New York State Bans Sales of New ICE Driven Vehicles and Light Trucks by 2035

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