New bill submitted to protect Filipino car drivers

As riders, we are confident that we can prove the fact that motorcycles are not for everyone.

It can be the loud roar of an inline 4 engine. Suzuki GSX-R600s Squirting in the city is a short job of statistics, or a general aesthetic of motorcycle culture.

For whatever reason, anxiety can turn into disgust altogether, and disgust is dangerous.

According to the report from MotopinusBoxer, a Philippine senator named Manny Pacquiao, has just submitted a bill to protect 17 million drivers nationwide from discrimination in the Philippines.

This bill is SB 2263, or the 2021 Motorcycle Rights and Safety Act, was created to raise awareness of the injustices that motorcycle riders must tolerate. The city that supports them.

Unhealthy prejudices against riding motorcycles have made Filipino automobile law brutal for years. If the bike does not have a license plate, it will be sentenced to imprisonment.

SB 2263, a new bill submitted for the Philippines to protect driver rights

This, combined with aftermarket monopoly, small town restrictions prohibiting drivers from wearing helmets in certain areas, and misuse of corporate power to create subjective interpretations for bikers, is on the road. It has created a need for equality, respect and security.

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A man named Jobbelt Boranos, who is associated with the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO), said it took 13 years. SB2263 It will be a reality for lawmakers to step up and sponsor the bill.

SB 2263, a new bill submitted for the Philippines to protect driver rights

Boranos has great expectations for the country, as rights are a higher priority for Dockett. He says “No longer subjective concerns, infringement of our property rights, harassment of ridiculous ordinances, local enforcement is properly trained, inspected, legal and legal aftermarket by the LTO on traffic rules and regulations. Parts are no longer available. We have unfairly arrested us, legalized motorcycle taxis, provided proper rider training, enforced objective and proper noise regulations, and met the right safety requirements. Defined and implemented in, we are recognized as our true self. An integral part of society … “

The passage of the bill allows drivers to experience consistent laws and regulations throughout the Philippines.

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