New Acura NSX Previewed By Electric Vision Supercar

Acura said nothing else about the Design Study, so we don’t know what its performance capabilities could be or how many motors it has. If it goes into production, however, we can safely assume that this will be Acura’s quickest model ever.

Last year, Honda teased two electric sports cars, one of which looked very much like a new NSX. However, that concept’s profile was different from the Design Study we see now, without the latter’s exaggerated haunches.

As further proof that the Design Study could go into production, Acura vice president and brand officer John Ikeda strongly hinted that a third-generation, fully electric NSX was in the pipeline.

If that’s the case, it would mean that every generation of the NSX would have a distinct powertrain, from ICE (first generation) to hybrid (second generation) to fully electric (third generation). New Acura NSX Previewed By Electric Vision Supercar

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