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Net Zero Festival Spotlight: Sam Hall, Director of Conservative Environmental Networks

What does Net Zero mean to you? We are responsible for preventing dangerous levels of climate change for future generations, which means reaching net zero. It is also a great economic opportunity for the UK to gain a pioneering advantage in the industry of the future.

When did you first become interested in the transition to Net Zero? When I was a parliamentary researcher, my parliamentarian, Graham Stuart, was one of the first legislators to call on the United Kingdom to update its long-term climate target to a net zero target after the signing of the 2015 Paris Agreement. It was a person. Bright Blue’s 2018 think-tank paper, Hotting up, provides an example of a Net Zero target and a route to reach it.

What are Net Zero’s priorities for the next year? Prior to COP26, I worked with members of the Conservative Environmental Network’s Caucus to campaign for a new Net Zero policy to get it on track for the 2050 goal while creating jobs and helping the economy recover. increase. In particular, we want more help for homes replacing broken gas boilers with heat pumps and funding for pilot green steel mills.

If you weren’t working where you are, where did you work? I couldn’t think of working in a more rewarding and interesting place than where I am now.

What is the most exciting thing about the Net Zero transition? I am most excited about the opportunity to create new industries such as carbon capture and battery manufacturing and bring new jobs and investments to the UK’s industrial centers in northern and midland.

Which part of the net zero transition is often overlooked? People tend to overlook the active role of international trade in spreading the world’s cleanest innovations and achieving Global Net Zero in the most cost-effective way.

What awakens you at night? I’m generally pretty optimistic about my ability to deal with climate change, but I’m afraid that other countries aren’t growing their ambitions for climate change fast enough.

If you have $ 100 million in one Net Zero technology, where would you invest??? I would like to invest in cultured meat. The room for cost savings is enormous and has many potential benefits, from improving animal welfare and enhancing food security to cleaner rivers and more space for nature.

Will we achieve net zero emissions by 2050? Yes, I think so. It will be cheaper than expected.

Describe the net zero economy in three words. Modern, efficient and fair.

What can a representative expect from your speech slot? Fortunately, climate change has moved away from cultural wars, but to maintain that consensus, climate change activists argue that they need to communicate in a way that resonates with a conservative audience. I also think consumers need government support to reduce the initial cost of clean technology in the early stages in order to bring the general public with us and maintain public consent.

What are you looking forward to at the Net Zero Festival? We hear from corporate leaders about their plans to tackle climate change as companies create and sell climate change solutions and their innovations help us reach Net Zero faster and cheaper. I am looking forward to it.

What is your Net Zero Superpower? We want to be able to accelerate innovation and experience curves, so we can start rolling out cheaper clean technologies faster.

How do you relax after spending a long day moving to Net Zero? Drink with friends in the pub, cook dinner and read fiction.

Sam Hall is the director of Conservative Environmental Network (CEN)..

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