mqb: Skoda has global responsibility for the Volkswagen Group’s MQB-A0 Global Platform.

Czech car maker Skoda Auto Thursday said it had global responsibility Volkswagen The Group’s global vehicle platform, MQB-A0, is used in entry-level models and is specifically adapted for the Indian market. June of this year Skoda Auto India MQB The company’s first product, the A0IN platform, designed and developed under the India 2.0 project, will be led by the VW Group in 2018 and by group company Skoda Auto, and by 2025 5% of the Indian passenger car market. Announced the goal of winning. ..

Similarly, last month Volkswagen launched the SUV Taggun, which is based on the same MQB A0IN platform. This is an application of the MQB-A0 platform.

In a statement, Skoda Auto said it was “responsible for the existing development of the Volkswagen Group.” MQB-A0 Global Platform.. It will be used by group brands Skoda and Volkswagen to develop new entry-level models for high-growth regions such as India, Russia, Africa, ASEAN countries and Latin America. ”

The company further states that “we are leveraging our advanced development expertise, our ability to coordinate complex group projects, and our experience in entry-level segments to carry out this project in individual regions.” ..

Thomas Schafer, CEO of Skoda Auto, commented on the development and said he would be responsible for the global development of the platform for the first time by taking responsibility for the MQB-A0 global platform.

“We are confident that the MQB-A0 Global Platform will allow us to attract many new customers and strengthen our position in the entry-level segment,” he added.

Schafer said Skoda Auto is applying its development expertise to take on more responsibilities within the Volkswagen Group while strengthening its headquarters as an important European development center for the group.

The company further stated that the MQB-A0 global platform is being used around the world, laying the foundation for new models with internal combustion engines in the entry-level segment.

“The focus is on India, Latin America, Russia, Africa, and the ASEAN countries, where entry-level segments are very important and at the same time offer further growth potential,” he added.

Czech carmakers are already responsible for India, Russia and North Africa within the Volkswagen Group.

The company added that the MQB-A0-IN platform will also be used for other Volkswagen and Skoda models in India. “In the medium term, we plan to offer crumple in other emerging markets as well. The second model is already in the starting block and will be announced later this year.”

“Our development team has a deep understanding of the entry-level segment and is currently incorporating it into the development of the MQB-A0 global platform,” said Johannes Neft, director of technology development at Skoda Auto.

Based on this platform, he said, “a new model will be created that exactly meets the needs of diverse customers in different regions.” mqb: Skoda has global responsibility for the Volkswagen Group’s MQB-A0 Global Platform.

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