Mounted on the roof of the Nissan 350Z, this ATV is proof of an insane priority.

What if it’s cheap enough not to rent a delivery car, but you’re wealthy enough to care if your car gets damaged in the process? Internet stardom happens, but it’s probably not what most “influencers” think when they start.

In the latest chapter of a seemingly endless story “”U-Hall, but what makes it really special, “ There is a man mounted here TV set above Nissan 350Z A sports car, he probably didn’t even hit his eyelids when he came up with the idea, put it into action, and was on his cheerful path. I hope he arrived at his destination in one piece, like everyone else who crossed the road that day.

Posted on reddit IdiotsInCars It’s a thread and seems to have been snapped outside a local shopping center (somewhere in northern New York). This photo is the very definition of insane priority. It shows a seemingly good red Nissan 350Z loaded with a brand new SxS. If that’s not enough for all Z enthusiasts to crouch or, of course, shed masculine tears, make sure there’s a guy on the car and the ATV is firmly anchored to the roof. I will. People are supposed to go home. You need to be safe.

The photos are provided without any other context, but there seems to be consensus that the man on the car is also a wise owner. He probably bought an ATV and decided to carry it himself instead of towing or delivering it to his home to save money. Forget the general wisdom that a private car can’t be a carrier of such a big thing! He put cardboard on the Z to protect it from damage, but what about wisdom?

Joking aside, there are many examples of things on the Internet that you shouldn’t drive.Sometimes the effort Fit everything It’s simply not worth it just because you can kill someone, or yourself, in a ridiculous way. Very dangerous Try to save some dollars. Speaking of efforts, the internet continues to be confused about how this guy was able to put the SxS on top of the Z without any visible damage to the car. Any ideas? Mounted on the roof of the Nissan 350Z, this ATV is proof of an insane priority.

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