Motorsports betting: motor racing predictions

Some of the sports predictions attracting the attention of our readers are motorsports betting since the adrenaline of these competitions is very high. Below, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Know your motor racing betting options

Are you interested in getting started with motor racing betting? Then get ready; below, we will tell you some of the essential championships worldwide.

Formula 1

Perhaps the most important and most followed motorsport in the world, Formula 1, is the racing car competition par excellence, divided among several tracks worldwide.

Ten different teams and 20 drivers compete in Formula 1. Currently, the manufacturers are Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes and Renault. The champions of the 2020 season were Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

Surely, you find options on that tournament on UK bookies not on Gamstop.

Rally Chile

The World Rally Championship (WRC) will make its stop at the WRC Copec de Chile, where the best racers in the world will compete for first place between September 9 and 12.


The second most crucial motorsport in the world, MotoGP brings together the best motorcycle riders and pits them against each other at 18 tracks worldwide, including Europe, Asia and America.

The current champions are Joan Mir and Ducati, who had one of the strangest seasons. Currently leading the tournament is Frenchman Fabio Quartarararo and Yamaha.

Dakar Rally

One of the most important rallies in the world, the Dakar (formerly known as the Dakar de Paris), is very varied, as it has categories for cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

Last season was divided into 12 stages, and the champions were Kevin Benavides, Manuel Andujar, Stephane Peterhansel, Josef Macháček, Chilean Francisco López Contardo, Dmitry Sotnikov and Marc Douton.

V8 Supercars

Divided between 24 drivers and 11 teams, the V8 Supercars championships also attract all motorsport lovers’ attention. This time, it is run between New Zealand and Australia.

Despite not having the following of Formula 1 (all the drivers in this tournament come from Australia or New Zealand), this tournament offers everything a punter could need.


NASCAR is the most critical US auto racing competition of all, thrilling spectators since 1948. Every year they organise more than 1500 races!

This number of races makes NASCAR a favourite among bettors, as the number of markets available is incredible. Moreover, being an American event, the coverage is extensive.

Motor racing betting and other strategies

Motor racing betting can be a bit complicated for someone who has never sat down to analyse Formula 1 races, Moto GP, NASCAR, and any other championships.

However, you can use the same strategies as always:

It is essential to understand the event you are betting on: MotoGP, for example, has specific statistics that can affect our predictions.

For example, many gamblers don’t know that Formula 1 could be split into two: the riders and the teams; this means that they won’t take advantage of half of the available markets.

Another statistics that important to know is the driving style of athletes. Like in that article which provides hints on importance of knowing different methods of victory in MMA on MMA and UK betting sites not on Gamstop.

Types of motor racing betting

There are many types of motor racing bets that you could find, and you would do well to try to get to know as many of them as possible before starting your adventure.

Some of the types of bets are:

Keep in mind that in many of these sports, such as Formula 1, you have to take into account the riders and the teams they belong to (Mercedes, Yamaha, Ducati, etc.).

It means that you will have many more opportunities to place a bet: in general, when the racing season is at its peak, you will have hundreds of markets simultaneously.

Finally, it should be said that it is also possible to place live bets; just make sure you pay attention to the odds available, as they change as the event progresses.

We hope this motorsport betting guide will help you start betting on the most exciting races of the season; just remember to check our predictions before you take your chances!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are motorsports?

As the name suggests, Motorsports are those sports where participants are inside vehicles to take part in high-speed races. Generally, participants use cars, motorcycles, pickup trucks, boats, and any other vehicle you can imagine. If it’s fast, it’s probably a sport.

How can I place motorsports bets?

Many bookmakers have a section dedicated exclusively to motorsports, so all you have to do is register with one of them, click on the event of your choice and start betting. In addition, some of the most important events, such as MotoGP, have their sections.

What are the most crucial motorsports?

The three most important of all are Formula 1, MotoGP and NASCAR. However, others offer an excellent opportunity to place a bet online, as is the case of Rally Chile, Dakar Rally V8 Supercars, to give some examples.

How to win with my motor bets?

The best option you have is to review the predictions we have made to use in your sports bets, as our team of experts analyse each driver, team and vehicle that will participate in the race. But, of course, every prediction has a margin of error, so we recommend you to be responsible when betting.

What are the types of bets available?

It depends on each sport. However, it is customary to find those about guessing the winners of a race, best places, fastest team, fastest lap and so on. In general, you will have hundreds of markets available to bet on Formula 1, MotoGP and other events.


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