Motorcycle Rights and Safety Laws Submitted in the Philippines

Being a motorcyclist in a country like Philippines It’s very challenging. I myself have spent quite a few years commuting on two wheels every day in the heart of Metro Manila, but I continue to experience the rigors faced by Filipino motorcyclists. There is not much traffic, sweltering heat, and torrential rain. So, yes, all of this builds up and adds to the challenges we face on a daily basis.

But more than that, it’s actually a jumble of rules and regulations that can be very easily misunderstood, twisted, misunderstood and detrimental to everyday drivers. Our few Filipino readers are familiar with this. But for those who don’t, let me briefly talk about what it feels like to be a motorcyclist in the Philippines. Unlike other countries, especially in Western Europe, motorcycles are not considered toys or luxury goods in the Philippines. Yes, flashy, performance-focused machines called “big bikes” are considered that way. However, large motorcycles account for less than 1% of the country’s motorcycle industry.

There are more than 17 million motorcycle riders in the Philippines.

However, the streets of the country, especially Metro Manila, the capital, are crowded with a small number of people. scooters And for many working-class Filipino citizens, mopeds are the only means of transportation. Well, things get a little hairy here. Given the sheer number of motorcycles on the road, the government had to take steps to regulate and control the use of motorcycles to prevent complete havoc.

Although the establishment of rules and regulations is based on good faith, their interpretation and implementation tends to be viewed from a subjective point of view. In particular, police officers and traffic managers are not well trained when it comes to transporting traffic. Rules and rules. This has made motorcycles one of the most discriminated and exiled road users in the Philippines. It’s pretty ironic given the fact that motorcycles are the most common vehicle on the road.

Motorcycle Rights and Safety Laws Submitted in the Philippines

A standard checkpoint where only motorcycles are stopped and scrutinized.

From motorcycle-only checkpoints to rules and regulations prohibiting access to motorcycles on certain public roads, to increasingly stringent laws related to the use of motorcycles, owning and riding motorcycles on a daily basis in the Philippines , It has become really familiar. To the hell of the earth. Thankfully, the Filipino Senator, who is the only eight-category world champion in boxing and the holder of 12 major world titles, is a motorcycle.

Yes, Manny Pacquiao has submitted the Senate Bill 2263 or 2021 Motorcycle Rights and Safety Act. Motopinus Learn more about the new bill. Simply put, it adds some provisions to the existing Republic Act 4136 or the Land Transport Act enacted 57 years ago. Not surprisingly, many things can happen during the 57 years. The situation in the automotive and motorcycle industry today is quite different from what it was half a century ago.

Motorcycle Rights and Safety Laws Submitted in the Philippines

Jobert Bolanos of the Philippine Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) said on a recently submitted bill. Motopinus “No more subjective concerns, infringement of our property rights, harassment of ridiculous ordinances, local enforcement is properly trained, reviewed and legalized by the LTO on traffic rules and regulations, after-sales Market parts will be gone. We will be unfairly arrested for longer, legalize motorcycle taxis, provide proper rider training, implement objective and proper noise regulations, and properly define proper safety requirements. And do so that we are recognized as our true self, an integral part of society. “

It took 13 years of long lobbying from the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) for parliamentarians to finally submit a law focusing on the rights and safety of motorcyclists. With more than 17 million motorcyclists scattered across the country, it’s definitely time for the government to enact rules and regulations to protect the vast majority of people.

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