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Morgan built a plus 4 with a wild look ready for the rally

  • Morgan has created an off-road version of Plus Four called the CX-T.
  • It features a lift suspension, an external roll cage, and an electronically controlled limited slip differential.
  • Morgan states that eight examples of CX-T will be built for about $ 240,000.

    Morgan is the most eccentric of many British sports car makers. However, Americans are currently unable to buy a model of the company in the United States (plans are underway to bring both Plus 4 and Plus 6 back here under the rules of replica cars), but someone has a document. Hope to cheat and announce a new plus four CX-Ts have been brought to the “state”.

    Described as a car “designed for land adventures,” it’s basically an off-road version of Plus Four, with a substantial external roll cage and a variety of other things to help cut it in the wilderness. It features various corrections. However, it is not all-wheel drive. Like a regular Plus Four, the CX-T only powers the rear axle.

    Its wilderness capabilities include Maxis all-terrain tires, ride height increases, and new BMW-We have procured an electronically controlled limited slip differential with different modes for different conditions such as “all terrain” and “extreme”. The latter locks the differential. Like the standard Plus Four, it is powered by BMW’s turbocharged 2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine and 6-speed manual gearbox.


    The roll cage is described by the company as a protective exoskeleton, which means that it is the first coupe technically manufactured by Morgan since Aeromax in 2009 due to the integration of the fixed roof. The cage incorporates a rally light, an aluminum toolbox, a custom luggage mount, two spare wheels, and what the official release says is a “recovery device.” Probably a winch and traction pad to help you escape when you get stuck. Additional roof mounting is also compatible with bicycles and surfboards.

    The CX-T suspension resembles a large Plus Six and features a new coil over damper developed by Rally Raid UK, a motorsport preparation specialist who regularly works on the Dakar Rally Challenger. The redesigned side exit system has increased the ground clearance to 9.0 inches. This isn’t much by the norm for tougher off-road vehicles, but a series of bash guards provide additional underbody protection in the event of an obstacle getting too close.

    Morgan Plus 4cxt


    According to Morgan, he plans to build up to eight CX-Ts, each costing $ 240,000 before local tax deductions. That’s more than double the amount UK buyers have to pay for a standard Plus Four, but the CX-T seems to be more than twice as fun.

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