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Mini Cooper e-bike, FREE CC Fat, RVe-trike, etc.

this week Electrek The Wheel-E podcast features the world’s most popular news articles on electric bicycles and other non-traditional electric vehicles. This week, FREY is a new electric bike from the original mini cooper maker, a fat tire version of the CC commuter e-bike, a motorcycle style e-bike of C3STROM, a duel cannonball run on an electric bike, and an electric skate on a tank tread. Board, and more.

The new Wheel-E podcast is set to come back every two weeks ElectrekYouTube channel, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. To be on the safe side, I’ll attach a post like this to the site with an embedded link to the live stream.Toward YouTube channel Get questions and comments at.

After the show is over, the video will be archived in YouTube And the audio of all your favorite podcast apps:

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Here are some of the articles we’ll discuss in today’s podcast:

This is the live stream of today’s episode, starting at 10am (or video after 11am).

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