Michigan milk producer, distillery producing biofuel for cars

A Michigan dairy farmer and a Canadian distiller plan to turn milk into a $41.1 million investment in biofuels.

The Michigan Milk Producers Association, a farm-owned cooperative of more than 1,000 dairy farmers with two processing plants in the state, has formed a joint venture with Ontario’s Dairy Distillery to produce a milk called Vodkow. Manufactures base vodka.

The venture will expand its 30,000-square-foot facility in southwestern Michigan to process a by-product called milk permeate into 2.2 million gallons of ethanol annually for use in cars and trucks starting in 2025. The plan is to Crain’s Detroit Business report. Mixing this amount of ethanol with gasoline could offset 14,500 tons of carbon per year.

Dairy farmers in Michigan are using technology developed by Dairy Distillery, which began converting milk permeate into vodka in 2018 and into hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic, to keep cows safe. We want to further increase the value of milk processed from

“People are limited in the amount of vodka they can drink, and there are many like this out there,” says Omid McDonald, founder of The Daily Distillery. told TV station WOOD. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “We said, ‘So what other mass applications are there?'” And that’s when we started looking at biofuels. “

Milk by-products are piped directly from the milk processing plant to the 8,500-square-foot ethanol plant, where they are fermented to produce ethanol using dairy distillery technology. The ethanol is then processed to remove residual moisture.

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