Mercedes may drop EQ name from EVs

With so many electric vehicles out there, automakers are grouping them together to make things simpler for shoppers. The Volkswagen ID lineup of electric vehicles is a good example of this, as all of the brand’s EVs fit neatly under the umbrella, like the Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.Buzz. Hyundai is doing something similar with its Ioniq sub-brand. Mercedes-Benz has done something similar with his EQ sub-brand, Reuterswhich may change in the near future.

Citing the German daily Handelsblatt as a source, the outlet claims: mercedes considers deprecating the EQ naming structure as early as the end of 2024. The change will reportedly affect the automaker’s next-generation compact cars.

The decision is based on a push by Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Karenyus to focus solely on electric vehicles. As the outlet points out, if Mercedes plans to become an all-electric car manufacturer, the EQ brand will be superfluous. As such, Mercedes has reportedly dropped the ‘EQ’ name from its current vehicles and will not have it on future models.

Currently, all Mercedes vehicles in the US are branded as EQ models.sold by car manufacturers EQE sedan, EQS sedan, EQB SUV, and the EQS SUV. The first model to appear under the EQ sub-brand was his EQC SUV, presented in 2016 and officially launched in select countries in 2019. The EQC SUV is not sold in the US.

In a statement to Reuters, a Mercedes EQ spokesperson said the sub-brand is an important part of the automaker’s electric strategy. “We will adapt our vehicle positioning and brand use to the times, with the goal of our parent brand Mercedes-Benz becoming fully electric by the end of the decade. is premature” about this at the moment.

The EQ sub-brand is now used to create a gap between gasoline and electric vehicles, so the change makes sense. S-class, you don’t have to call EQS EQS. That’s just the vehicle can be called the S-class. Mercedes may be considering dropping names for upcoming models as early as 2024, but the brand will have to wait until petrol cars are at least ready, so changes to the current lineup include Expected to take a long time retired.

sauce: Reuters

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