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Mercedes-Benz may kill wagons as the brand becomes electric

Some recent rumors suggest Mercedes Benz cutting vehicle from Its lineup soon. The two-door coupe and cabriolet models are expected to be in the chopping block as Mercedes pivots to where the buyers are, the purchase of the crossover. And now, the station wagon (a long-standing feature of Mercedes-Benz) also seems to be under threat.

NS UK website Auto car We interviewed Mercedes-Benz COO Markus Schaefer at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich. Will not promise the long-term future of the wagon (Or estate cars known across the pond) — even if it was technically feasible to build them in the EV era.

“Estate car, we have to see,” Schaefer said. Auto car.. “This market is under pressure as more and more customers move to SUVs, leaving only a small market for real estate and station wagons, so see how the volume is evolving. It’s technically possible. It doesn’t matter, but it’s a question of how this niche is evolving.“”

The outlook may be sad, but the Mercedes-Benz drop wagon shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially in the United States.Wagon market is almost dead due to sluggish sales: Volkswagen is already Killed the wagonVolvo Culling most of its pure, road-going wagons This year. Some of the remaining wagons are semi-off-road models such as: New E-class all-terrain Or expensive high performance specials like Audi RS6 Avant.. There is really no practical debate to keep them.

That said, the Mercedes-Benz wagon may have a silver lining. Auto car Vehicles that will replace wagons in the EV era lineup will be “more efficient SUVs” that are more aerodynamic and less comfortable to ride than current combustion SUVs, sources say. It is believed that those vehicles may behave and look like wagons, even if they are called by different names.

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