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Mazepin reveals rumors about Russian military service

After graduating from F2, Mazepin made his F1 debut earlier this year with Haas and finished 14th in Azerbaijan last weekend, the best result ever.

But last week, at a recent economic event in St. Petersburg, a report came online suggesting that Mazepin might need to complete military service in his native Russia, after comments due to his father’s dormitory. It was.

Military service in Russia, with exceptions, usually covers a year for men between the ages of 18 and 27.

Mazepin said in response to speculation that he “knows that there was some debate,” but said he had already taken the necessary classes to meet the requirements in parallel with his degree at Moscow State University. explained.

“From my point of view, the situation is very clear,” Mazepin said.

“I am studying at university, but working in Russia requires military service. If you have enough physical strength, there are two ways to do military service.

“Option 1 is to go on to college for a year after graduating. And Option 2 is offered in a completely different way if you are found to be healthy enough in terms of fitness and learning outcomes. You can proceed to something like an elite army to be done.

Nikita Mazepin, Haas VF-21

Photo: Charles Coates / Motorsport images

“It’s one day a week and I’m learning to be a reservist. And it takes three years, but only one day a week, basically in class.

“This is what I’ve been doing for two years already, and I’m obviously hoping to graduate as a reservist and will continue to do that for another year.

“Five days ago, I passed the final exam at university to finish the first four years, and I am advancing to get a second master’s degree in the second half of the next two years.”

Mazepin has studied economics and language through his early master’s degree. The master’s degree has recently been completed in parallel with racing missions through GP3 and Formula 2. Mazepin reveals rumors about Russian military service

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