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Manheim Express users use Fyusion technology to create over 1 million 3D vehicle images-digital

San Francisco, CA — Enables the creation of high-resolution, optimized 3D images with a deep understanding of AI Fyusion today created a million units for Manheim Express, a digital app for car dealers to buy and sell wholesale. Announced that it has exceeded the 3D car image of. On-demand inventory. Sales through Mannheim Express increased significantly from last year, increasing by approximately 230% from 2020 to 2021. I

Launched in 2018, the Mannheim Express helps dealers trade in and remarket old inventory without leaving the car in the dealer lot. Dealers can choose to use the app to capture the vehicle itself, or a Mannheim Express Concierge Specialist trained using the same Fyusion-powered technology to create an image and condition report for the vehicle.

Buyers of Mannheim Express will enjoy interactive and realistic 3D images of each vehicle with the rich details provided by audio and visual tags. These images are created in minutes by a simple vehicle walkaround using a standard smartphone.

“3D images of Fyusion are an important part of Mannheim Express’s success,” said Zack Halowell, senior vice president of Mannheim Digital. “With 3D high-resolution walkarounds and a complete status report for each vehicle, buyers can make informed business decisions with just a few clicks. , Mannheim Express could continue to be a vibrant, always-on digital marketplace, helping the industry thrive through recent market volatility. “

In fact, Sam Samarghandi, a Nexcar buyer in Houston, Texas, is a big fan of how Mannheim Express can further increase its confidence in digital purchases and allow dealers to showcase the inventory they sell through the app. :

“When you buy a car from Mannheim Express, the 360-degree image and description give you an overall picture of the vehicle. I love the fact that you can zoom in at 360 degrees to see the damage up close. The big picture. The same goes for selling in the app. Other dealers can look at the picture from any angle and zoom in to see if the vehicle is really the front line car. “

With over 150 patents, Fyusion is a world leader in AI-driven 3D imaging. The company’s technology allows you to capture 3D images from common smartphones without any special training. Image capture is then performed via Fyusion’s AI engine, ALIS. The engine can do everything from smoothing unstable camera work to creating seamless, mobile images and 360s.

“Beyond the images of one million 3D vehicles created by Mannheim Express customers is a huge achievement for Fyusion and for the entire Mannheim Digital team,” said Radu Rusu, CEO and co-founder of Fyusion. I will. “This is not only the engineering behind Fyusion’s products, but also a testament to its scalability for the world’s largest automotive applications.”

Fyusion has been working with Cox Automotive’s subsidiary Manheim and other Cox Automotive companies for over four years. In January 2021, Fyusion announced an acquisition by Cox Automotive. Manheim Express users use Fyusion technology to create over 1 million 3D vehicle images-digital

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