Man sells ’89 Toyota Supra to pay for cat medical expenses, but there is a twist

This is a story that only cat lovers (or pet owners) can relate to: A man from Osaka, Japan sold his beloved 1989 Toyota Supra So he can afford to treat his cat, Silk. Cat lover and Supra owner Rays has owned and driven a sports car since at least 1993. The fact that he decided to sell it would have been important in itself.

But the story has an even more adorable twist.

SoraNews Raise reports that Supra has been listed Yahoo! Japan Auction The page earlier this month. Supra with this type of mileage (more than 168,000 km / 104,390 miles) and some visual damage is usually less than JPY 1.35 million ($ 12,400 at current exchange rates), the media said. Leiz doubled his amount (about $ 24,800) for two reasons. The first was the sentimental value included in the price, and the second was the exact amount that Silk had to pay for medical expenses.

As you can see, silk has been diagnosed with the fatal viral disease feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which is rapidly progressing and requires immediate intervention as well. So Rays quickly listed the cars and explained why. Another man in Osaka saw the ad and offered to buy it as is, even though Rays offered a small discount due to cosmetics issues.

The buyer refused and told him that as a cat lover, he (raise) could have something to do with what he was experiencing.From fellow cat lovers to cat lovers, buyers told Raise that they would. Restore Supra Even taking it out of your pocket and building a temperature-controlled garage to store it, until he gets the money to buy it back from him-in the exact amount, and a penny for himself It’s not a profit.

The buyer promised not to drive during that time, and whenever he missed the car, he could have him come to the raise and take the car out for a spin. “Clean up the Supra and store it like a decoration.” The buyer said. “Think of me as a friend who likes the same car as you.”

As a friend, the buyer added an additional ¥ 100,000 ($ 920) to the price to ensure that Raise covers all medical costs. There are still good people in this world, and this is proof. Man sells ’89 Toyota Supra to pay for cat medical expenses, but there is a twist

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