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Magnussen and Lind return to Formula Ford Festival

Dane, who competed in the McLaren and Stewart 24 Grand Prix in the 1990s, won the 1992 festival during his heyday at Brands Hatch and made a name for himself in the junior single-seater race.

The 48-year-old, who has recently been actively racing in the World Endurance World Championship, shocks the festival after being persuaded by his nephew Dennis Lind, who recently won the British GT3 championship.

“I got a call from my nephew Dennis, he was in contact with this team, he was trying to invite a former winner and wanted to know if I wanted to join,” Magnussen, who will face Rodempsey Racing. Said. With Ray GR14. “It all happened a little faster, but guy, I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Magnussen tested his car on Thursday and Friday and hasn’t driven the FF1600 machine since his victory nearly 30 years ago, but he’s happy to look back on the 50th event this weekend.

“Winning the festival is one of my greatest memories, one of my best memories of the race and my first big win,” said the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Another player who won the championship will join the grid. Former F1 driver – 1980 Festival winner Roberto Moreno.

“I’ve always been a fan of it, and on the 50th run of the race, I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t expect much. The people we compete with do what they do. I’m sure I know what I’m doing, and I certainly don’t know, but see if I can make Dennis’ life difficult.

“The last time I spent without tread tires and wings was at the 1992 festival. If you really focus, you can regain that feeling, but with the H-pattern gearbox, heels and toes and all that. Shit. “

Lind, who won the 2010 festival, will partner with Magnussen at LDR after being persuaded by FFord’s comeback at an event run by the British Racing & Sports Car Club in unusual circumstances. ..

“Actually, I think it was after the British GT practice or something Peter Daily. [British GT clerk of the course and BRSCC chairman] I was telling me because I did something wrong, and after he said, “By the way, are you doing a festival?” Lind said.

“And I was.” Well, no. Should I do it? ‘And he said, “Yes, you should!”

“Then we started talking about options for how we could do that. After winning the British GT Championship, the BRSCC became a little more serious and contacted one of the teams and it happened. I did. “

Lind, like his uncle, is realistic about the prospect of a complete victory, but intends to be as competitive as possible in an event with an entry list of over 100 cars.

“In January, he is also a very competitive person,” Lind said. “I called him and said,’We probably won’t work very well,’ and he said,’Do you know who you’re talking to?’ And I. Was like “Oh, yeah, of course.”

“We match expectations and where we want to end, but I think it’s also one of these events you’re really there for all the nostalgia.” Magnussen and Lind return to Formula Ford Festival

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