Madras HC brakes to increase speed limit to 120km / h on highways

The Madras High Court has revoked the central government’s notice limiting the maximum speed of a vehicle to 120 km / h. The notice dated April 6 was revoked by the split benches of Judge N Kirubakaran (after retirement) and Judge TV Thamilselvi. Bench also instructed the center and state to deploy new notifications at lower speed limits.

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Bench also raised a set of 12 queries. The first query instructed the central government to review the 2018 notice and raised the speed limit to 120kmph.

This issue was posted in August to submit a compliance report. In that report, the center justified its action to increase the speed limit.

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The center has established an expert committee to consider speed limits for vehicles in consideration of improvements in road infrastructure and engine technology, and according to its recommendations, the maximum speeds of various roads will be revised by the ministry on April 6. 2018 notice.

On the current bench, on the other hand, despite improvements in vehicle engine technology and road infrastructure over the past few years, drivers still do not comply with traffic safety rules and have not seen any improvement in that sense. bottom. Also, according to data released by the Ministry of Road Transport, overspeed was the main cause of road deaths.

“We knew that speed violations were the main cause of road accidents, killing people’s precious lives and damaging their property, so as reflected in the notice dated April 6, 2018, The central government’s decision could be abandoned, “Bench said, and crushed it accordingly.

“This problem arises under the Automobile Law, but be aware of the dentist who has a spinal cord injury, noting that she cannot work on her own and must rely on others throughout her life. Please, the Constitution, suo motu, passed this ruling for the public good. “

(With input from PTI) Madras HC brakes to increase speed limit to 120km / h on highways

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