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Lucid Air Getting 1,111-HP Performance Edition

Lucid unveiled the Air Dream Edition luxury sedan Wednesday morning. Providing enough feet— Available in two different versions. These variants are named Dream Edition Performance and Dream Edition Range, so you can see for yourself what each is focused on.

The Dream Edition Performance reportedly features a drivetrain optimized for speed and acceleration of 1,111 horsepower, and the Dream Edition Range focuses on traveling distances in just 933. Lucid said in a press release that while EPA certification is currently underway, two test cars have recently conducted a real driving test in California, achieving potential 475 and 518 miles of range. I am. Said before..

The performance version reportedly offers zero to 60 hours in less than 2.5 seconds, but the range is expected to be around 2.7. Both variations feature dual motors and AWD drivetrains limited to a top speed of 168mph. Performance spins on 21-inch wheels as standard and is available as an option on the 19. The range model, on the other hand, comes with 19-inch stock, but you can upgrade to 21.

Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli contributes to lucid dreaming spec sheets. In performance, there are 245/35 tires in the front and 265/35 tires in the back. Formula one You should choose a similar ratio.

If you’re lucky and have a Dream Edition reservation, the luxury sedan will cost 1,111 metric or 933 metric. probably Meet that claimed and predicted range. According to Lucid, both variants will remain at the known price of $ 169,000.

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