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Loose nuts exit Graham Rahal’s Indy 500 after the wheel exits the pit road

Despite running a great all-round race and winning Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing driver Graham Rahal It crashed on lap 119 of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday afternoon, leaving the left rear wheel out of the car as it left the pit road, almost causing a major accident to the passing racer. Replay footage showed Rahal driving a car From his pit stop while the inner rear tire changer was still working on that wheel, he quickly speculated that it wasn’t properly installed and was due to a loose nut. Somewhere, Valtteri Bottas doesn’t find this interesting..

Before the incident, Rahal clearly felt it. Starting from 18th place, Honda’s No. 15 car led the Indy 500 for 18 laps. Immediately after the midpoint of the 200-lap contest, the fateful pit stop was to prepare him for victory. He obviously has one of the fastest and most fuel-efficient cars on the truck and has an almost perfect fuel strategy.

In the video, you can see Rahal’s car falling from the air jack after three of the four tire changers have completed their work within about two seconds. Meanwhile, the man in the inner rear is still desperately trying to tighten the nuts on his wheels. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening and what caused the crew to get out of sync because of the obstruction of view, but another thing the replay shows is the chief mechanic (front). The outside of the tire changer) didn’t signal to go to Rahal once. The car hit the ground. He stands there when Rahal comes off, Reached out very surprised that the car wasn’t parked in front of him.

You can see it for only a moment, but you can also look up after Rahal’s departure with the inner rear tire changer leaning against your lap. I know clearly that something bad is about to happen.

A few seconds later, as Rahal speeded up off the pit road, the left rear wheel left Rahal’s car. He spun across the truck in front of a few other cars and hit the outer wall violently. Meanwhile, the loose tires bounced off the traffic and Conor Daly crashed head-on and punted into the stratosphere.

Initially, it was reported that the tire hit the windshield (a horrifying what-if scenario), but the replay footage shows that the nose of the car was impacted. Rahal’s car was destroyed, but Daily was able to continue the race. Thankfully, neither was injured.

Rahal then admitted that the tires weren’t installed properly, but didn’t hold his crew accountable.

“We had a day … we had a day. That would be difficult,” Rahal said. After being checked out by a healthcare professional. “We saved fuel, we were kicking their ass with fuel saving, we looked really good at the end … this is going to stab.”

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