Looking After your Speed Bike

A little maintenance on your speed bike goes a long way in increasing its longevity and saving you high repair costs in the future. Each task’s requirements depend on your bike, and you should check your manual before performing these activities.

A speed bike is a major investment; it is only right if you go out of your way to look after it. Regular maintenance is a key determinant of the bike’s lifespan, and below, we discuss how to achieve that and where to buy Styckers for motorcycles.

  1. Change the Oil

Changing engine oil after several thousand miles is advisable to keep the engine functioning properly. You can also begin by riding the bike for a few minutes to warm it up, as this lowers the oil’s viscosity.

Also, your bike’s performance will reduce if it has a dirty and clogged air filter. Changing the filer is easy but time-consuming. This means you should consult your mechanic if you are unsure about the process.

2. Change the Coolant

The coolant stops your engine from eroding or freezing, and you should remove the necessary bodywork to access the drain bolt. Also, remove the radiator cap to ensure everything drains out, and refill it using a funnel.

3. Check the Tires

You should create the habit of checking your tires before and after traveling to detect pressure and damage. The pressure might drop during winter, meaning you should check the tires more often.

You might also consider swapping the winter-ready tires for a better grip and easy travels in icy and wet conditions. Also, wet roads have salt that makes the chain rusty in a short time. You can begin by lubricating and cleaning the chain after a ride to eliminate dirt and salt.

4. Use Fresh Brake Pads

All the above-stated maintenance information is essential, but it is hard to emphasize the importance of having thick and effective brake pads. Worn brake pads can cause accidents, which will help replace them when they wear down to three millimeters or less.

Professional mechanics advise riders to check their brake pads after 7000 to 10000 miles. Also, brake wear depends on your environment and driving habits. Brakes will wear more in slopy areas, and you should avoid inclined surfaces if you have soft pads.

5. Clean the Air Filter

It is advisable to clean the air filter every 7000 miles to keep the bike in its best shape. The air filter is essential since it protects the engine’s delicate parts from particles and dust that can destroy it.

Environmental factors make a difference here too. Riding in a dusty environment means you might be required to clean the filter weekly. Conversely, rural areas mean you will have a more relaxed cleaning schedule.

Final Thoughts

A speed bike is a major investment that needs the proper care and maintenance. These maintenance tips include cleaning air filters and changing engine oil. The above article has discussed how to look after your bike, and you can reach out for more information.

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