LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE is here: what do you want to see?

The last time we saw LiveWire, Harley-Davidson announced an all-electric brand that was spun off. Aggressive growth plan to sell 101,000 units in 5 years..

To achieve such sales, you need more than a LiveWire ONE electric bike (a motorcycle designed to be sold as a small halo product in the Harley-Davidson portfolio). HD has spun off LiveWire motorcycles across the LiveWire brand, promising more models to join ONE. Despite the significant price cut to $ 21,999 (base), the ONE is still an expensive motorcycle. If LiveWire wants to sell more than 100,000 units in half a year, it needs to sell more affordable models.

Enter the Arrow powertrain, a modular battery / motor / built-in charger platform that will be used in multiple future models and variations. It seems that the S2 line is a middle weight and the S3 line is a light electric motorcycle. The heavier S4 meets the upper bound of the range.

This lightweight concept suggests a smaller end to the future range of LiveWire. Harley-Davidson photo.

Decoding of S2 Del Mar LE

The details of LiveWire’s upcoming models are grounded, but it doesn’t discourage social media enthusiasts looking for clues about upcoming releases. The name of the bike provides some hints about its purpose and position. S2 shows the middleweight for each ranking system proposed by LiveWire. Safe bets are less than 1 power, weight, and range. The Delmar name suggests a flat track inspiration from the famous California trade fair of the same name. And LE may suggest a limited release for Del Mar’s first customer. This is the first time these naming conventions have been seen on LiveWire, so it’s hard to say for sure.

This short teaser video from LiveWire’s YouTube channel gives you a glimpse into the new model. Some frames, including the bike’s tail, look very close to the concept bike inspired by the light flat track that Harley-Davidson showed a few years ago. Hmm …

What do you want to see from your new bike? Personally, I think the look of a flat track will definitely happen. In short, this motorcycle is intended for short range use rather than long range use. LiveWire dealer / experience centers are primarily located in major metros, so quick charging and light weight will probably appeal to the city’s representatives of many customers. If Delmar provided a range of 120 miles and enough torque to make me smile every time I twisted the throttle, I wouldn’t mind the relatively low top speed of 65-70mph. This hopes there is a way to disable the rider aid for real flat track sliding. You don’t have to be a racer to enjoy sideways fun in the field or on fire roads.

Harley Davidson Dell Mar Concept
Future middle weight concept sketch. (This image is before the one at the top of the article.) Harley-Davidson illustration.

I’m not the only one wondering what LiveWire will show next week. I asked a colleague of Common Tread what he wanted to see from S2 Del Mar LE.

Brandon Wise: Give me a widow!

The tracker side of this bike is getting my attention. I was very excited when the prototype of the Indian FTR1200 came out. And when I finally threw my foot at the machine for the first time, I wasn’t disappointed … but that wasn’t what I really expected. To me, it felt more like a jumping cruiser than a flat tracker. I understood that, people didn’t buy FTR to flat track them, and it was a very powerful and comfortable street ride. I wish it was a little less noticeable and a little more compact. If you’ve ever seen a real flat track bike, you’ve got that “small but powerful” look and feel.

Along with Delmar, I want a light and tight e-tracker with “Widowmaker” power like the old Kawasaki H2 750. When does someone put crazy power into a really sophisticated package? Hopefully Delmar holds the line firmly and feels stable with any force it brings to the table. From its appearance, it doesn’t feel as heavy or feel as a cruiser.

Like the FTR, the LiveWire One has great power, but it still feels like a little piggy cruiser to me. If Delmar sticks to what he sees in the renders, I think it’s a fun little bike that many will be familiar with from his overall height, but it’s probably the most fun thing a power veteran rider wants … I know it probably won’t happen.

Give me a range of 1,000 miles and a 5 minute charge time while I’m there to keep costs below $ 10,000.

Zack Courts: First impressions don’t get a second chance

The LiveWire brand is blessed with great opportunities. Vehicle prices are high, gas prices are high, and the market is ready for electric motorcycles to define the era. LiveWire has the best shot of all the companies that are competing for some of the people’s interests. First of all, Harley-Davidson LiveWire (now LiveWire ONE) is a show of force. It’s a fast, capable, and impressive motorcycle, don’t worry about it being electrical and futuristic, and built by an outdated and renowned company.

The two major drawbacks are that it weighs about 600 pounds and costs 20 grounds. However, it is important to completely separate LiveWire from the Bar-and-Shield logo. If this new Delmar bears the Harley-Davidson logo, consumers will be taxed due to their relationship with the Harley brand pedigree. The important thing is that you don’t have to do that now. LiveWire has no pedigree to raise prices and is based on its short but strong reputation for producing premium electric bikes associated with the £ 800 gorilla in the American motorcycle market.

Zero FXE electric bike
LiveWire’s smaller models compete with other electric bikes such as ZeroFXE. Photo by Kevin Wing.

The point: make it affordable to love everything that burns rubber and does Willy. Yes, it makes it friendly and fun, like the Zero FXE with its flat track style and Suzuki SV650 performance, but at a price below what Zero is realistically comparable to. Take the risk and bring to people something that no other company has, with twice the flexibility of making a motorcycle that only Milwaukee has. It’s a compelling alternative to expensive electric bikes and affordable foreign motorcycles. They have no choice but to agree with LiveWire’s dream. This is unlikely.

Jen Dunstan: Fast charging can change the game

After spending a serious quality time with LiveWire One, the DelMar Middleweight Concept has many opportunities and possibilities. Obviously, next week’s announcement will reveal everything, but here we have time left in the fantasy realm, but there are a few things we want to see in the next generation of LiveWire.

First, it’s reasonably priced, somewhere in the $ 8,000 to $ 12,000 sweet spot. Second, the performance of the Alta Motors SM model is double the range. Lightweight, agile and fast for city street hooligans ranging from 80 to 120 miles would be formidable. Finally, this is a big dream. Cuts the charging time of DelMar from LiveWire ONE in half. Urban dwellers who don’t have a garage for an electric bike to sit and charge all night will greatly benefit from an electronic bike that can be charged at ultra-fast speeds (preferably level 1 and level 2) at a charging station or at work. , And level 3 DC fast charge).

These are some big questions about current EV technology, but even if Delmar approaches one or two marks, it will definitely reach somewhere. LiveWire ONE is a capable but expensive machine. A pint-sized version of these features may inspire the e-bike market (harhar!).

Editor Lance Oliver: Why Flat Track?

This is a deviation from Andy’s question of what he wants to see at S2 Del Mar LE, but he can’t help but wonder why he’s seeing what we’re seeing. If you’ve created a Venn diagram of the type of motorcyclist, I think there’s some overlap between the owner of the electric bike and the flat track fan, somewhere between the few and none at all. Some early adopters love electric bikes, while others go to the horse truck at the county’s trade fair to see the bike gliding loudly over the soil in the form of a sport that peaked 50 years ago. Some people like it. A group that has a lot in common. So why does LiveWire style the next electric bike like a flat tracker?

The Del Mar S2 looks great and people may like it. But porting the flat track style to an electric bike makes as much sense to me as putting a rotary dial on the next new iPhone.

Harley Davidson LiveWire
Harley has spun off its electric bike to a completely different brand. What’s next for LiveWire? Harley-Davidson photo.

LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE will debut on Tuesday. As LiveWire enters a new era, take a look at the new model details in this space.

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