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Live with the new Ford Bronco

If you have ordered or are considering purchasing a 2021 Ford Bronco 2021 Ford Bronco, Or-and I’m envious here, but I’m about to get a Ford Bronco delivery in 2021, I predict here you won’t be disappointed.

Sure, at this point, you probably already know, as Ford is slowly dripping Bronco news since Eddie Bauer knelt on the twin traction beam front end. But when I think Bronco’s thirst for insight has been dispelled, here I’m supposed to tell you more to know.

I drove over 600 miles on a 2021 Wild Truck 4-door, crossing all kinds of weather and all kinds of terrain. Doors and roofs are in various dismantled states, both with and without towing the trailer, all of which Bronco can probably meet my mountain of expectations. The answer is mostly “yes”, but there were some surprises.Below are the observations that can be digested while pondering $ 20,000 “Market Adjustment” Be the only Bronco in your local showroom.

Doors are not always easy to handle.

Car and driver

I studied before greedily getting the Cactus Gray Wild Track How to remove the door.. It’s easy to look at. Roll the window down, unclip the wire harness, drop the two bolts, and lift the door from the hinge. And that’s how it worked — at the front driver’s side door. The passenger side was a little different. This meant that even with the bolts removed, the upper hinge stanchions refused to give up the grip, allowing the truck to be swayed by the suspension with no doors coming out. Eventually, a combination of angry adrenaline and dark spells let it go, but it was a battle. And undoing it was the same deal, on the contrary. Next time I dipped both hinges in the WD-40, which made the fight on the passenger side even more difficult, but it helped.

2021 Bronco Door Hinge Stud

To remove the Bronco door, you need to immerse this last boss in WD-40, Teflon, or clarified butter to defeat it.

Car and driver

Also, a few days after the door was first installed, the driver was moaning as it opened and closed. Inspection revealed that the upper hinge bolt was loose, and tightening resolved the problem. But that minor troubleshooting highlighted the facts of Bronco’s life. If you remove the door and reattach it, the vehicle will be partially assembled forever. Hopefully your personal assembly line has strict quality control.

The moment of Bronco sports is over

Bronco Sport Easily monopolized the Bronco’s name and let me know that many had seen the new Bronco. .. .. It looked a little small. Sport is a small crossover of value and has most off-road credibility, but its name no longer supports it. That’s because the sportsless Bronco is clearly the heir to the genuine apology-free badge. I have to think that if Big Bronco is everywhere, the sport will come across something terribly coveted, and that’s not what your Bronco has a Sasquatch package and a removable top and door. It will be out of date explaining that it is not. It is a unibody. 3-cylinder one. Perhaps something that should have been called an escape, or perhaps a scout. A direct comparison with the Bronco is not great for the Bronco Sport.As my brother-in-law said, “Bronco sports are like Danny DeVito. twins.. “

Ford completely ruined the jeep wave

Sure, my time in Bronco was generally in line with heavy rains and pea soup visibility, but many Wrangler drivers threw me a jeep wave, but it was too late. I noticed that the SUV with straight round headlights approaching from the fog was not. In fact, a fellow Wrangler. Until now, it has been very easy for Wrangler drivers to recognize their clubmates. The Bronco doesn’t look like a Wrangler, but it’s quite similar to what a Wrangler driver has to think about before throwing a wave. Alternatively, you can wave your hand at Broncos. I do not mind.

Hardtops would be great if they fix it

I have a 4-door hardtop wrangler and friends. They do not remove anything other than the two front panels. This is because the rest of the top is one huge part, which basically requires removing the NASCAR pit crew and Dutch gable hoist. By adding a second set of removable panels in the second row, Ford actually made it easier to open the roofs of all the seats. We’ve also made the rear top section much easier to work with if you want to delete the entire transaction. I still use soft tops because I like to flip the tops on a whim, but a 5-piece top is an elegant solution.

Water leaks to Bronco in 2021

Webast-Oh no.

Car and driver

That is, assuming they can get Manufacturing twist went well With supplier Webasto. Because of all the ingenuity of the Bronco’s hardtop, it leaked. In one of the many downpour, I saw water dripping down the A-pillar like tears. Or you might sweat, considering all the customers who are ready for Broncos except the revised hardtop.

Bronco has enemies: a puddle

2021 Bronco splattering from a puddle

Splash Splash, forward view is dashed.

Car and driver

With the Sasquatch package and its 35-inch tires, Bronco can ford 33.5-inch water. And I’m convinced that 33 inches of water at 5 mph is perfectly fine. But if you reduce the depth to pitch black and increase the speed a bit, Bronco reveals a problematic peculiarity. It tends to throw water on one’s face, much like an old drunken man trying to wake up.

Bronco front tires that splash puddles

Car and driver

Along route 12 Outer BanksOn a rainy day, part of the road disappeared under a shallow pond. It wasn’t deep, and even sedans and minivans were cultivated cheerfully. But Bronco had to stand on his toes. Because its chunky front end and lack of overhangs meant that the tires shot the water curtain straight in front of the hood, which hit the windshield. And at less than 20 mph. Apparently the Wrangler does, but I saw the approaching Wrangler jump into the puddle without being bothered by the flooding that Bronco received. I think we need to line up the Bronco Wranglers for a puddle test to see what’s going on here and at the same time happily splash water here and there.

Connecting trailers requires some creativity

Like the Wrangler, Bronco proudly wears a spare tire on the tailgate. Also, like the Wrangler, the spare tire is just a few inches above the receiver for the trailer hitch. Most trailer tongues pop up and unlock. For the Bronco, there is not enough space between the tongue and the spare tire unless the tongue lever is in the locked position. Hitch ball. There is a problem with this.

The solution is to choreograph the dance between the tailgate and the trailer and open the tailgate out of the way of the spare tire so that the trailer does not interfere with the tailgate. For my utility trailer, the tailgate could be opened enough to reveal the hitch before the tongue’s jack handle prevented it from opening any further. This was relatively easy to handle with a lightweight utility trailer that could be lifted and moved by hand. For example, it’s not very convenient on a boat.

Trailer interfering with Bronco spare tires


Car and driver

Bronco's tailgate lifts and opens the trailer


Car and driver

But once connected, the Bronco becomes a happy tow vehicle. But like the Wrangler, it’s only rated to tow £ 3,500. That’s a thin number for a body-on-frame truck with 330 horsepower and 415 lb-ft torque for this wild truck.

There is room for more engines. But it probably doesn’t need it.

Ford Bronco v6 engine

Enough room to replace a melon-sized turbo.

Car and driver

I haven’t driven the Bronco on a 2.3 liter 4-cylinder yet, but all the evidence suggests that the V-6 doesn’t make a big difference. There is only a 30 horsepower gap (300 horsepower vs. 330 horsepower). Test of 2-door modelThe manual 4-cylinder ran 0-60 mph in 7.0 seconds, and the automatic V-6 managed 6.3 seconds. There is no big fuss.

However, there is plenty of room inside for something more. Looking down on the side of the V-6 past the turbocharger, you’ll get a great view of the ground beneath the truck. Plenty of sunlight.Ford says it won’t have a V8 engine on the Bronco, but that doesn’t make sense No one else.. Whether it’s a 3.5-liter EcoBoost, hybrid, or full EV, the base engine is fine, no matter what the future.

But if you want to hold on to something stronger, I’ll be happy to take your place on the current line.

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