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Lime Rock Park is set to host Steven Harris cars

As part of Porsche’s celebration as a famous mark of the historic festival of Limerock Park, the Connecticut facility brings a very special collection of air-cooled Porsche and the breath of more modern Porsche 911 GT3 RS and GT2 machines. Here are some swallowing examples. This worker’s day weekend.

Architect Steven Harris, who first found the brand’s inspiration thanks to his father and uncle’s passion for Porsche, has been in his collection since getting his first drive on the 911S when he went to college. Has been carefully curated.

The specifications and features of each car in this collection over the decades are very diverse, but they all have the same central purpose of speed. Harris has been focusing on limited production, highly specialized RS models for many years.

The historic festival exhibit begins with the iconic 1973 911 Carrera RS example and includes 15 911-based RS models reserved by the highly capable 2019 Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Given his path to this collection, it’s a bit surprising that Harris chose the 1984 911 SC / RS Coupe instead of the 73, which he calls his favorite.

“It was the last car to complete the set, the missing part,” says Harris. “It’s much harder to find and is generally considered the best example in the world. Interestingly, only RS cars can handle rallies. All the rest are detuned for the road. It is a truck car that was made. “

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Thursday, September 2
The Vintage Race Car & Sports Car Parade is a 17-mile tour of local towns, including a stop at the Noble Horizons facility and the Howsatonic intersection on the Falls Village Bridge before returning to Lime Rock Park.

Friday, September 3
The festival begins with a day of practice and qualifying. The shop and swap meet are open.

Saturday, September 4
The first day of the race will make Saturday one of the most exciting days of the festival. The shop and swap meet are open.

September 5th (Sun)
Among the highlights of the festival, in the park on Sunday, the Lime Rock competition and a gathering of marquis bring nearly 1,000 cars and motorcycles to trucks. Take a walk in the park and take advantage of your inner car enthusiast while admiring the rare and exotic historic and vintage cars. Food trucks and vendors are everywhere.Gate opens at 7am Show car must be installed by 9:30 am

Monday, September 6 – Labor Day
The final day of a real vintage car race always creates a lively on-track action. Shops, flea markets and swap meet are open. Lime Rock Park is set to host Steven Harris cars

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