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Lifestyle electric pickups are being considered

Lifestyle pickups, which I like to look at but don’t need a lot of trucks, are becoming more popular outside the United States. Evidence of this is the fact that some automakers that traditionally did not pick up have entered the segment (Hyundai With Santa cruz, For example).

Volkswagen It sells Amarok in Europe and at some point showed the concept, but it’s not necessarily associated with a pickup (Talock) It made people talk.Talock, or Large notholithocarpusIt won’t happen, and it won’t happen as an ICE truck, but it could still happen, but only as a fully electric truck.

Automotive News Duncan Mova Sagi, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen of America, said:

Our priority in the Volkswagen brand is the existing [internal combustion engine-based] Competitive vehicle.Invest in a niche ICE at the moment [compact pickup] Segments don’t make sense to us. As the lineup shifts to BEVs, electric pickups could certainly become an option.

This is clearly quite far from confirming that VW is actually developing such a model, but what Movassaghi said is that automakers are considering it. And it makes sense to try to sell BEV trucks in the United States in a segment that is rapidly gaining popularity despite the current shortage of models (although the Rivian R1T arrives first, It’s a big and expensive truck (not suitable for everyone).

Is Volkswagen’s MEB platform suitable for small pickups?Well, according to Old report To quote Hein Schafer, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at Volkswagen of America, the answer is yes.Schaefer through the use of MEB architecture

It potentially gives us the opportunity to bring some kind of small medium pickup or maybe a little bigger one. Thinking about something bigger on the BEV platform is not a myth. When building a large SUV on a BEV platform, a large pickup may also make sense.

VW officials aren’t the only ones mentioning that the company is considering BEV trucks, but so far manufacturers haven’t shown BEV trucks in a conceptual format. This is what is happening with most new ID electric vehicles. Perhaps the easiest approach to the VW electric pickup problem is to create a pickup version of the next product version of the ID Buzz Concept (scheduled for release in 2023).

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