LEAKED: Here’s Your First Look At Alfa Romeo’s Baby SUV

As part of the Stellantis group, Alfa Romeo has the perfect architecture to base its new SUV. Both the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600e are underpinned by the STLA Small (e-CMP2) platform, an updated version of e-CMP. This platform can accommodate electric vehicles in a front- or all-wheel drive setup, which gives the automaker more options.

Earlier this year, CarBuzz reported on rumors that the Alfetta (little Alfa) would return as an electric hatchback. However, it would be more plausible if this name were applied to compact crossover. Previously, Alfa Romeo opened up the naming of its new model to the public as a publicity stunt to drum up hype before its 2024 reveal.

As the smallest SUV in the lineup, it would make sense for the automaker to adopt this nameplate. However, we’re guessing purists won’t be too happy about the iconic Alfetta name being applied to a crossover. This is just the beginning of Alfa’s electric revolution, as the Giulia and Stelvio are poised to go electric in the coming years.

https://carbuzz.com/news/leaked-heres-your-first-look-at-alfa-romeos-baby-suv LEAKED: Here’s Your First Look At Alfa Romeo’s Baby SUV

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