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Laurens Vanthoor injured in pad

Defending race winner Van Toll shared the # 47 KCMG Porsche 911 GT3 R with Nick Tandy and Maxim Martin.

However, just beyond the 16-hour mark, Porsche announced that Vantor was forced to withdraw from the rest of the race and teammates Tandy and Martin were forced to complete the race as a duo.

Vantor later tweeted that he was knocked down by a quad bike in the paddock while riding a scooter.

A Belgian racer added, “I’ve landed badly on my head and have multiple scars on my face. I’m fine, but I’m currently doing more checks and stitching at the hospital.”

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Van Toll’s withdrawal hit Porsche’s desire to win the Spa 24-hour race for the third consecutive year, with Tandy and Martin currently circling the lapdown in fifth place.

Alessandro Pierre Guidi, Côme Ledogar and Nicklas Nielsen’s # 51 Iron Links Ferrari 488 GT3 continue to lead in the race with just over eight hours left.

The # 51 Crew and its closest tracker, the # 32 Team WRT Audi R8 LMS GT3, offer a mandatory 4-minute “technical pit stop” triggered by off-off during the 16-hour full-course yellow period. I was able to do. # 16 Grasser Lamborghini Huracán GT3.

However, subsequent safety car periods filled the gap between the two major cars, and Nielsen circulated about six seconds away from Kelvin van der Linde’s WRT Audi.

Garage 59 Aston Martin Vantage GT3, which made a technical pit stop in the green flag condition immediately after the halfway mark, is the only other car in the lead lap in 3rd place where Ross Gun held the steering wheel.

One of the winning candidates, the pole-sit # 88 ASP Mercedes AMG GT3, dropped out of the race around 16 hours due to a broken left rear damper. Jules Gounon continued to lap within seconds of the pace despite the problem, before the problem became too serious to continue. Laurens Vanthoor injured in pad

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