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Launched Climate Change Education Pack for UK schools

The government is stepping up efforts to involve the general public in the UK in the climate crisis ahead of the important COP26 summit in Glasgow later this year. Other “.

This pack is hosted on the COP26 website and sent to schools across the country. This pack is designed to engage students in various forms of climate change, encourage conversations about climate change initiatives, and help students learn more about the November Summit. The government said.

dubbing “Together for our planet”The School Pack also includes a guide for running a green rally. It also includes recommended awareness-raising ideas such as organizing a “walk to school” week, enhanced by resources created by organizations such as WWF and TED Talks.

Continued below YouGov’s recent poll With the commission of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, 45% of young people cite one of three concerns as protecting the environment and addressing the increased risk of climate change.

Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson said, “We are excited to see how school climate change leaders bring their passion, creativity and intelligence to ensure a sustainable future. “.

“When I visit schools across the country, I’m always amazed at how enthusiastic young people are about environmental issues.“ To tackle climate change, each of us needs to act individually and collectively. Yes, this pack helps schools encourage both. “

This move took place on the eve of today’s G7 Summit in Cornwall. There are growing expectations that the world’s major economic leaders will collectively mediate an agreement that will provide a strong foundation for success at COP26 later this year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited a school in Cornwall yesterday to help promote a new education pack. Received widespread criticism His decision to fly from London to the summit would have offered a much more climate-friendly option for rail travel.

WWF UK Education Manager Matt Larsen-Daw said the pack released today will help educators realize climate issues “for the entire student and school community.”

“Youth are most interested in the results of the UN COP in November, providing them with information as this important milestone in the fight against climate change takes place here at the front door of the UK. It is imperative to be involved, “he said. Launched Climate Change Education Pack for UK schools

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