Lamborghini teases the new Countach again, getting a retro feel and a V12 engine

Lamborghini Dropping the teaser online again suggests what the next new Countach front fascia will look like. The new generation of Countach brings back the good old and iconic Lamborghini supercar.

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Italian supercar makers are teasing the new Countach’s nose with the latest set of teaser images. You will also see a black fuel filler cap and a clear rear profile.

The new Countach is expected to combine a retro feel with the latest technology. One image shows the sharp nose of a car with lowercase Countage letters on a slim grille. The grille has a large bottom opening and a smooth, deep front splitter.

There is another image taken from behind. You can see the engine bay containing the gold-accented V12 motor. Expect a hybrid mechanism in this V12 engine on the new Lamborghini Countach. However, the automaker has not yet confirmed anything about the engine specifications.

The third image shows the engine intake just behind the cockpit. It has a square shape that is very similar to the original Countach. There is also a black fuel filler cap with a black retro look.

So far, these are the first teaser images that tell us how the car is shaped. Expect the next new generation Countach to have similarities to the original model. But there will certainly be modern Lamborghini design elements.

Lamborghini has not yet announced when to announce the new Countach to the world. The company wrote in an Instagram post displaying a teaser image that you should look forward to the discovery. This shows that the announcement is probably not far away. Also, the company has not yet announced whether the new Countach will be a limited edition model. Lamborghini teases the new Countach again, getting a retro feel and a V12 engine

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