KTM: Spyshot shows a potential new 990 parallel twin in the testing phase

Words are out KTMThere is new bread in the oven. From its exterior, you can see the machines that decorate the space next door. 890 Duke..

Let’s talk about that.

Report from MCN Here are some tips – mainly, bike styling is very reminiscent. The long-awaited RC8C – And why was the RC 8C so excited that all 100 machines sold out in just 4 minutes and 32 seconds?

We have another clue, which is related to the next of KTM’s dockets.

“… Mechanically, we’ve taken components from the next-generation parallel-twin Duke, which is expected to be the” 990, “and have a slightly higher capacity than the current model. “

“Maybe it’s not naked,” you meditate.

“Can we finally see KTM’s supersports suitable for shouting that fight on the good streets of America?”

A big chance … unless someone in the upper ranks is completely 180 years old.

KTM CEO Stefan Pierer is considering a variety of KTM bikes: Media Alt- "4th Rd. MotoGP 2019 – Jerez de la Frontera (ESP)"

Friction lies in the wording of the KTM CEO himself, Ducati Forum A few years ago when Stephen Pierer was faced with the possibility of an official version of the R16.

“I think it’s still cutting edge and unique. It’s a classic superbike. But with growing safety concerns, these bikes are closed rather than on the road. I’m worried that I belong only to the course. “ Quit Pierer with articles from TheRideAdvice..

Mystery bikes are found on Brembo Stylema front brakes and carbon air intakes WP Apex Pro Fork, “Individual compression and rebound thumb wheels … Combine direct action remote reservoir shocks with Apex Pro steering dampers to further enhance your sporty qualification.”

There are more.

A recent prototype spy shot taken out for some air: MCN media offer.

The frame does not have the trellis expected from the RC8C. Rather, it is more like the 890 Duke’s and features a “banana curve” swingarm that gives way to the mandatory Akrapovič exhaust.

Pushing the fuel tank under the seat gives it a bit more sporty functionality, but you won’t find a luxurious self-contained tank.Rather, the prototype boasts “Plastic tank with aluminum side plates forming the subframe.”

What is the conclusion? KTM may not have participated in this year’s EICMA, but they certainly keep the flames nice and hot at the chop shop.

View of the naked lineup from KTM

We will continue to keep you up to date on other things we are coming to.In the meantime, other news from KTM and The new “EICMA 2021” category we curated to be able to catch up with everything coming down the pipeline from Milan..

Please send us your comments below. We look forward to hearing from you. As always, be safe with Twisty. KTM: Spyshot shows a potential new 990 parallel twin in the testing phase

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