Kia’s EV6 Takes Crown as World’s Most Reliable EV, Beating Outstanding Competitors Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf

New Delhi, December 16th: The Nissan Leaf was known as the world’s most reliable EV (electric vehicle) even before Tesla’s EV models came out, and the Model 3 finally took the top spot. However, there has been a recent change in events and, according to reports, the position of the world’s most reliable electric car has been usurped by his Kia EV6, a rather underdog. Kia Sorento and Kia Carnival Facelift will debut in India in January 2023.

A new study by Consumer Reports shows that the Kia EV6 is currently the most reliable EV model, but the research report has yet to determine whether the EV6 can maintain its position. It’s a relatively new take on the brilliantly successful Tesla Model 3 and the veteran Nissan Leaf.

The research report is reportedly produced by collecting data from hundreds of thousands of EV owners, including data on issues such as breakdowns and breakdowns. Data-driven reliability predictions show the Kia EV6, Tesla Model 3, and Nissan Leaf as the most reliable EV models, even though the reliability factor still lags behind traditional ICE passenger cars, according to the study. are shown to be the top three of

The need for electric vehicles (EVs) of the hour is considered to be a reliable one, but the technology is much newer compared to ICE-powered vehicles, and many problems can arise. . EV owners have reportedly reported a myriad of malfunctions related to various parts of their EVs. BMW i7 Electric-Sedan India will go on sale in January 2023. Find out what to expect here.

Tesla and Nissan are one of the few companies with more than a decade of experience manufacturing EVs, offering a distinct advantage over traditional automakers struggling to adopt this new technology. . However, over time, we expect to see not only EVs, but other green tech vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly, but also highly reliable.

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