Keeping AM Radio Alive In EVs Is Easier Said Than Done

That’s because electromagnetic fields around EV batteries and electric components interfere with the AM radio signal, resulting in a high-frequency humming noise that isn’t pleasant to the ears. This is why automakers have been ditching AM radio in cars, which BMW started as early as 2014 with the i3 and i8.

According to the study, CAR revealed that the shielding and filtering devices that reduce interference would cost up to $70 per vehicle. With the increasing sales of EVs, the cumulative cost over seven years would amount to $3.8 billion. This is shown in the graph below, based on the forecasted EV production until 2030. The integration could also add weight to the vehicle and shorten the battery range.

Of note, the figures – including the cost of shielding and filtering devices and the forecasted EV production – came from an undisclosed legacy automaker. We suspect this will vary among other EV companies, given the differences between their platforms and batteries, among other components. Keeping AM Radio Alive In EVs Is Easier Said Than Done

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