Keep rats out of your car with this Black Friday rodent control campaign

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Rats can be cute pets for some people, but for most people they are pests that need to be eradicated. Seeing rats running around your garage is enough, but these little critters are notorious. Get under the hood and nibble on the wires, turning an eerie annoyance into a costly problem. actually, auto blog reported above new york times It turns out that more people than expected in the city are battling a major problem caused by rodents under the hood. items and clutter. Naturally, this is best avoided at all costs.

Recently, auto blog Editor-in-Chief Greg Latha was taking the car to the shop when a mechanic discovered traces of rats under the hood. Thankfully no damage was done, but the mechanic recommended precautions to keep the rodents out permanently. A simple and cruel way to keep pests away from your vehicle. many human.Importantly, the recommendations are 12V hardwired version,not battery version. To my surprise, I was able to find this on Amazon for just under $30 and has over 1,400 ratings. You can learn a little more about the products below. see for yourself here.

Main function

  • Keep pests away with LED lights and ultrasonic waves
  • Easy to install – just connect 2 wires to your car battery
  • Includes low voltage protection
  • Automatically turns off when car starts to save battery power – turns on again 10 seconds after car is parked
  • Great for cars, but can be used anywhere with a 12-24 volt battery Keep rats out of your car with this Black Friday rodent control campaign

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