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KAMAZ will provide buyers with Euro-2 class trucks

RusAutoNews.-20 from April 2022[{” attribute=””>Kamaz will offer its dealers K3 generation trucks with Euro-2 emission class engines. A company representative confirmed such plans to the Vedomosti newspaper. At the same time, it is still impossible to register such equipment in Russia.

Kamaz still produces trucks of Euro-2 eco-class, but in small batches. These are mainly “dual-use vehicles”, as well as export deliveries to African and Latin American countries. Around 1,500 such vehicles were produced in 2021. On the other hand Kamaz has produced 44,136 trucks in 2021 in total.

Meanwhile, despite the suspension of supplies of imported components, Kamaz continues to manufacture K4 and K5 generation trucks. Kamaz vehicles of the new model range are in demand on the Russian market, and their shipment to the dealer network continues, however, the stock of components is still the limiting factor in production. Therefore, today the main efforts of the company are aimed at localizing imported components and working with alternative Russian suppliers. KAMAZ will provide buyers with Euro-2 class trucks

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