John Kerry: Carbon Capture “Important Tool” to Control Factory Emissions

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According to US climate envoy John Kerry, carbon capture has emerged as an important strategy for curbing greenhouse gas emissions from heavy industry.

“Industrial decarbonization is one of the key challenges of the climate crisis,” Kelly said at a conference hosted by Bloomberg NEF on June 15. “Carbon capture is clearly an important tool available today to reduce process emissions from industrial production.”

Kelly’s comment comes a few days after the meeting of the seven-country group. There, leaders faced criticism that they stopped setting concrete measures to limit global warming. Kelly’s focus on carbon recovery reflects concerns that industrial processes such as steel and cement manufacturing present greater challenges in eliminating greenhouse gas emissions than transportation and electricity generation. I am.

Countries and companies have established key processes in the development of carbon-free electric vehicles and clean energy technologies, both of which are necessary elements of the effort to achieve net zero emissions. According to British business secretary Kwasi Kwaten, the next step in the fight is to tackle the industry.

“We haven’t made as much progress in decarbonizing industrial processes as we do in power generation,” Kwarten said in a panel discussion at the BNEF event.

Given the delays in emission reductions over the last few decades, many scientists say that carbon capture technology is needed to meet global climate goals. These technologies fall into two categories: trapping emissions from concentrated sources such as power plants and factories, and extracting greenhouse gases directly from the atmosphere.

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