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JL Audio participates in 2021BF Goodrich Tires Mint 400 as a support sponsor

Pioneering audio solutions on display at this year’s Mint 400 Offroad Festival

Mint 400 officials have announced that JL Audio will act as a support sponsor for the 2021BF Goodrich Tires Mint 400 and will return to Las Vegas from December 1st to 5th this year. As part of the deal, JL Audio products will be on display at the Mint 400 Offroad Festival in downtown Fremont Street, Las Vegas, on Thursday, December 2nd.

“JL Audio is an exciting new addition to the Mint 400 sponsor family of this year’s Great American Offroad Racing,” said Matt Martelli, CEO of Mint 400. “For nearly 50 years, JL Audio has provided industry-leading audio solutions for automotive, home, marine, and powersport applications. This year’s Mint 400 Offroad Festival in downtown Las Vegas. As part of, we look forward to bringing JL Audio’s power sports product line to the world of off-road racing. “

JL Audio is an independent, privately held US company with extensive engineering resources and state-of-the-art speaker manufacturing facilities in South Florida. Yes, you read that right. JL Audio manufactures most speakers here in the United States.

The company is active in the home, mobile, power sports and marine audio markets and is focused on providing customers around the world with unique engineering, high quality and high performance audio.

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Behind all of JL Audio’s efforts is a strong belief that good audio has real value and customers appreciate the difference. Throughout JL Audio, there are true “audio nuts” in every corner of the facility in Miramar, Florida, Portland, Oregon, and Phoenix, Arizona. These include former audio retailers, automated sound competition champions, installers, recording engineers, musicians, and engineering staff with extensive experience in designing professional, automotive, marine and home audio products. Supporting these engineering efforts is an excellent group of dedicated production and logistics professionals, ensuring that all JL Audio factories maintain high quality standards.

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The Mint 400 holds the title of the toughest and most spectacular off-road race in North America since it was first run in 1968. Initially, the race was a publicity event promoting the mint hotel’s annual deer hunting. But what started as a hotel promotion quickly grew into a legitimate desert race. Since its resurrection in 2008, the “Great American Offroad Race” has grown and become more prestigious. Every year, the deeper the field, the harder it is to win.

This year’s BF Goodrich Tires Mint 400 will be held in Las Vegas from December 1st to 5th. For more information on events for racers and spectators, please visit:, Or follow the event on Facebook, Instagram.. For more information on JL Audio, please visit: JL Audio participates in 2021BF Goodrich Tires Mint 400 as a support sponsor

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