JBS pays hackers $ 11 million to hack closed factories

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JBS USA announced that it has paid a ransom of $ 11 million to criminals involved in cyber attacks. Meat processing turmoil in North America and AustraliaThe latest high-profile example of a large company becoming a prey to blackmail.

“This was a very difficult decision for us and for myself,” said Andre Nogueira, CEO of JBS USA, in a statement. “But this decision is a potential risk to our customers. I felt that it had to be done to prevent. “

The ransom was paid in Bitcoin, according to a JBS Brazil spokeswoman.

“Private companies shouldn’t pay the ransom,” a White House spokesman for the National Security Council said on the night of June 9, without mentioning JBS. “It encourages and enriches these malicious actors, continues the cycle of these attacks, and there is no guarantee that the enterprise will get the data back.”

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A spokeswoman repeatedly called for further cooperation between the government and the private sector to thwart ransomware attacks, and for businesses to “prepare cybersecurity defenses to respond to threats.”

The $ 11 million payment was split and sent to two addresses, which is a common feature of third-party blackmail software that benefits developers. Elliptic co-founder Tom Robinson said Said. The affiliate received about 7% of JBS’s payment and sent it to a privacy-focused wallet, and about $ 70,000 went to the chip mixer. The chip mixer makes it more difficult to track coins, He added that it was a so-called mixing service.

“I don’t know if law enforcement has seized it, but I don’t expect law enforcement to use a mixer / privacy wallet,” Robinson said in an email.

A cyberattack on May 30 forced Sao Paulo-based meat giants to shut down all beef factories in the United States. This accounts for almost a quarter of the US supply. It also stopped slaughter operations across Australia and shut down one of Canada’s largest beef mills. The FBI blames the case on the hacking group REvil, which researchers say they have ties to Russia.

As hackers increasingly target critical infrastructure, the global closure has alerted the agricultural industry and raised food security concerns. Operations have returned to normal levels and the company expects the lost production to fully recover by this weekend.

Dow Jones had previously reported on JBS ransom payments.

JBS is the latest company to retaliate against criminal hackers. Colonial Pipeline Co. was forced to shut down the largest fuel pipeline in the United States five weeks ago due to hacking, soaring gasoline prices and shortages at gas stations, followed by $ 4.4 million (75 bits). Coin) paid.

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The United States then collected 63.7 Bitcoins. This shows that law enforcement agencies can track online criminals even when they are operating outside the border. Bitcoin’s value has declined since Colonial’s ransom was paid, so the US seized $ 2.3 million in late May, just over half of Colonial’s original ransom.

Improved transparency

With a series of recent cyberattacks, lawmakers are calling for greater transparency regarding ransom payments. Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Information, said it was “worthy of debate” whether it would be illegal for US companies to pay the ransom, as it would exacerbate and accelerate the problem.

JBS said in a recent statement that most of its facilities were in operation at the time of payment. In consultation with internal IT experts and third-party cybersecurity experts, we decided to “mitigate unexpected problems associated with attacks and prevent data breaches.”

The company maintained ongoing communication with government officials throughout the incident, adding that a third-party forensic investigation is still underway.

JBS USA Holdings ranked 57th Transport Topic Top 100 List of Largest Private Carriers In North America.

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