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“What we are doing”, described by Nicola Guelfo and Riccardo Matera of Italdesign, is to tell a story through form and to dress it up. It’s the essence of design: letting you talk about the function of an object. I wanted to use this goblet to tell the prestige of the Alta Langa Docg wine. To that end, I researched a variety of areas of interest, including art, architecture, and everything behind this wine. Above all, we studied the natural environment from which it came. We were inspired by the extraordinary composite fabrics of vineyards, hazel groves and meadows clinging to high hills and forests. We observed not only the shapes of vines and vines, leaves and shoots, but also the majestic and monumental atmosphere of the historic cellar where wine matures into puppies. ITALDESIGN “TERRA”, ALTALANGA’s new stem glass

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