iPhone 13 accessories coming soon

As soon as Apple announced the new iPhone 13 with an improved camera, accessory companies such as Quad Lock and Mujjo announced accessories that would appeal to riders.

Quad Lock Says you can order the case of the unit attached to the handlebar now Touch screen glove specialist Mujjo We are also developing a leather case.

There are four versions of the iPhone 13, all with a new camera, a “powerhouse chip”, 5G connectivity, and better battery life.

There are some features of the new iPhone 13 that riders should welcome.

Even the two base models have a ceramic shield protective coating specifically designed for the iPhone, which requires additional protection from damage if they fall off the handlebar mount or from the jacket pocket.

It’s also IP68 waterproof, so you don’t need a waterproof cover when mounting it on the handlebar using Quad Lock, RAM, or other mounting devices.

In other words, it can be submerged in 1.5 m of water for 30 minutes, so it must withstand heavy rain while riding.

It also features a much brighter Super Retina XDR display with high contrast and a 28% increase in maximum outdoor brightness, making it easy to see navigation directions while riding.

Designed in Australia, the Quad Lock iPhone 13 case costs $ 34.95 and will begin shipping later this month.

Quad Lock iPhone 13 case

You can also get a waterproof poncho and a tempered glass screen protector for $ 29.95, but as we pointed out, the new phone is better protected, so you may not need either.

The case attaches directly to the clever and secure Quadlock system, which is available using a cable or an attachment to power the phone over the cable. Wireless charger..

Mujjo iPhone13 leather case

in the meantime, Touch screen glove specialist Mujjo A leather case for the iPhone 13 has also been developed, so you don’t have to take off your gloves to access the screen.

Of all the touchscreen gloves we’ve used, these aren’t armored for rider protection, but best, we’ll be introducing motorcycle-specific gloves soon.

Mujjo The leather cases made by their craftsmen say they have additional protection on the bottom and a raised bezel around the rear camera to protect the protruding lens from scratches from the polished surface. .. iPhone 13 accessories coming soon

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