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Interior Design and Technology – VW California

Cave camper cabin

In a nutshell, the 4-berth camper built in this popular factory incorporates a kitchenette on one side and a living and dining area on the other.

It’s based on a commercial panel van, but it doesn’t have many other similarities. Once parked, you will need headspace. The manually operated roof can be pushed up at one end, and when fixed in place, creates enough headroom for pottery in the kitchen or dining area.

The double bed sleeping area on the upper floors, accessible through a sunroof-sized hole, incorporates two zip open panel side windows and a fully open section facing the front of the van. The roof canvas is available in three colors: gray, red and blue.

The Calicoast kitchenette includes a spark-ignited double burner gas stove, a glass countertop with a push button release mechanism, a stainless steel sink and plastic washbasin, a 42-liter top-loading compressor refrigerator, and a large large one. A refrigerator is provided. A base cabinet finished with the effect of bright oak.

Various other storage units (depending on trim level) are located behind the van, including a two-part built-in wardrobe with mirrors, hanger rails, and a lockable safe. A 45 liter foldable storage compartment is mounted on the back of the bench seat. Both freshwater and wastewater are supplied from onboard tanks, each with a capacity of 42 liters.

It is also the rear cupboard where various components of electricity, water and gas supply are located. A residual current circuit breaker, a freshwater tank with a recess that holds a 2.8 kg camping gas bottle, and a freshwater drain lever.

The foldable dual-belt rear bench seats in the living area, along with the rotating front seats, can be moved to infinite positions via a floor-mounted rail system. California has a folding table (stored inside a sliding door), two comfortable camping chairs (neatly stored in a zippered pouch at the tailgate), and a retractable awning when the sun is shining. You can dine outdoors.

When it comes to glazing, Cali features insulated privacy glass at the rear, a sliding window at the front, and a fixed window at the rear cabin. All windows have nice shades built in to protect your privacy. There is a sliding door on the driver’s side, on the right side in the UK, which can mean children step into an oncoming vehicle.

Cocoon in the cockpit

Upright stool bolts on the elastic seat provide excellent forward visibility through the huge windshield and side windows. Large door mirrors help eliminate blind spots, and the rear parking sensor and rear camera also help when returning to tight spaces.

The dashboard has a lot of sturdy plastic and practical analog dials, but its simplicity is refreshing and not distracting. Of course, there are lots of storage areas scattered around, and there are large cup holders in the front and back. The cockpit has a carpeted floor area and a non-slip rubber mat at the rear. Front comfort and useful features include armrests on both front seats, an A-pillar glove handle for access, a illuminated glove box, and a convenient torch that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket.

A 10.25-inch touchscreen display is centrally located on the dashboard and incorporates eSIM, App-Connect, We Connect mobile online services, and a Bluetooth-integrated radio and navigation system (depending on trim level and specifications). ..

LED panels located on the headliner are used to manage the vehicle’s electrical connections, battery charge, water level, auxiliary cabin heating, and LED lighting. An alarm clock and a digital “inclinometer” (level) display are also included.

A suite of sensors, radars and cameras provides information about the driving environment around the vehicle. These include rear traffic warnings, tire pressure monitoring systems, adaptive cruise control and hill descent assist.

As part of the standard Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP), it also features crosswind assist that automatically brakes in strong winds.

On public roads

Our VW California 6.1 Coast is powered by a 2.0 liter TDI 150PS diesel engine coupled to a 7-speed DSG gearbox (no manual option).

It cannot be denied that Cali is a legend. It is crafted and very well appointed to meet almost every need and desire on the go. Equipment and accessories are also sturdy. Packed with charm and convenience, whenever the mood takes you, everything works well for a quick break. And that should be done for the price tag that triggers that flinch. Rival models include the Ford Nugget, Voxor Vivalo Elite and Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo. Interior Design and Technology – VW California

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