Ineos Grenadier To The US Starts At Just $71,500

The Grenadier Fieldmaster Edition is named after another outdoor jacket. The Fieldmaster Coat is a combination of his motorcycle jacket, but is longer and made from waxed his cotton. Selling for $595.00, the Grenadier Fieldmaster Edition is a more cultured adventure vehicle with safari windows, leather interior, carpeted floor mats and heated front seats. Ineos’ press release mentions towing horse crates, which seems almost correct.

Pre-orders open for customers in the US and Canada starting May 31, and the pricing makes the Grenadier an attractive offering.Promise of Ineos retail and services But Grenadier is designed to be easy to work with. We also provide his 3D interactive manual online for those who want to work on their vehicle. In a world where cars are becoming more and more complicated to maintain in your home garage, this is an exciting and even rebellious proposition.

The electric grenadier Launched in 2026has not been confirmed in the US, but would be a good competitor for the Rivian R1T. Ineos Grenadier To The US Starts At Just $71,500

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